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By faten.banana - August 23, 2019

I used to do sport when I was in school. I played netball, 100 meters sprints, long jump and high jump (for a while) as I was bestowed with long limbs lol. I stopped completely when I was in Form 3 due to well let just say, physical constraints. In my foundation years, I started practising Silat Cekak Malaysia – until last year but I managed to graduate with a passing grade from Ujian Sijil Rendah even without Kepujian (It is freaking hard to obtain and would remain as one of my biggest regrets lol). 

However, since last year also, I started to get involved in many sports competitions and events. Not as participants, but as a crew. The main reason for me to participate as a crew is that – I was bored. Lol. Other than that, Sports Volunteering is usually a one-off-commitment. In other words, I just have to work on the day of the event. No prior commitment. I hate peningkan kepala doing paper works, meetings the higher-ups and attaching myself to certain organizations/association.

I fall in love with sport volunteering when I was assigned as Hakim Masa (Time Judges?) during one of the biggest sports events in my university. At that time, I was just looking for something that I can do to kill the times. Even though I have to sit in the scorching hot weather of Malaysia for many hours, weirdly, I found happiness delivered from the pumping adrenaline as I watched all the participants. I got goosebumps. I was drawn to their spirits that even up until now, I still remember the tingly feeling. 

It was alien.
But it was good.


Ever since then, I promised myself that I would try to get involved as a crew in as many as sports events as I could. I want to create experiences for my own self. Now that I think about this, I have always had a soft spot to sports. I love sports anime, I even cried watching them than romance anime. 

Volunteering for IIUM’s Handball Open 2018 was the most challenging one because it tested my capabilities to talk and engage with people. (Introvert!) Public Relations and even trying to be in-charged with the technicalities, though I was initially stationed at the Registration Table. 

Moreover, volunteering – even if it is not related to sports, would train us to socialize and speak more. Sport volunteering could be exhausting as most of the events starts super early (the earliest I have ever been was at 3 in the morning), and occasionally finished late :) It depends on the organizer.

Sports Volunteering is a good opportunity for us to learn – frankly speaking. As for now, I have volunteered for events involving track and fields, marathon, handball and futsal. Inside and outside my university. It has to be highlighted here that I have no prior experience in any of the games except for track and fields (still inadequate though). I have made a number of mistakes during the events, but I learned a lot too. There are people who are kind enough to lead us whenever we are lost, so no worries. From my past experience, as long as we are attentive enough and try to minimize our self from making redundant mistakes especially if we have to handle the technicalities – we are good.

Last but not least, I would encourage you guys particularly those who in central Malaysia to try and experience yourself what is it like to be a volunteer. You may visit @VolunteersKL’s Twitter Account and keep your eyes closer to any annual events such as Score Run and Standard Chartered KL Marathon :) 

Have you ever join any volunteering events?

+ ps: I wish I have more pictures but I was always occupied with the works given that I have no time to take a proper one :')

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  1. I never join but I would love to do so! It just me being shy shy cat and that's frustrating hahahaha. #introvert

    It's good that you have this kind of spirit though :)

    1. You should try and push yourself once! It would be good experience XD I know that feeling of being shy but then we will never know how our surviving skills gonna kick in when we go outside our comfort zone hheheheeh

  2. I cry too when I watched sports animes T-T. Heck I even cry watching superheroes anime hahaha. But the anime that had brought the most tears out of was Naruto uwuuu. Lord I weep like there's no tomorrow sigh.. such a good anime

    1. Hehehehe crying while watching sports anime is just soooooooo another level of crying lol I never watched Naruto, wish I could but I could not find the first eps anywhere :')

  3. I did but that was back during my diploma days and now I don't even have time to do volunteering. This girl is sad.

    1. I understand :') Volunteering, even for non-sports event, would be quite hard when you have another commitment as an adult. Hopefully you will get the chance to do later!

  4. I used to do sports (high jump and gymnast) when I was in high school too, especially when you enrolled in SMK Bukit Jalil, you can't escape sports but I stopped because I gained weight but I still remember the feelings, breaking your own records and being active. I totally understand how you feel.

    Wait, there's a sport anime? I know Slam Dunk and another one with a tennis, but there's more?

    1. Wahhhhhhhh, you must be so flexible then!

      Yes, theres another basketball anime (Kuroko No Basuke), swimming (Free!!), my personal favourite — volleyball (Haikyuu!!), football (DAYS)! and the number of sports anime is tremendously growing ✨