036: My 5 Top Favourite OSTs


OST is an abbreviation/acronym that stands for Original/Official Sound Track. Music undeniably plays an important role to trigger emotions from audience, if we are talking about movies.  Sometimes, we don't even notice how these few songs be it with lyrics or simply just a strum of guitar being played as the background music, it gives effect to people. 

It triggers, it gives boost. Because without music, the movie kinda feels incomplete.
K, awkward.

I had peculiar taste, theres song that I love simply because of the emotion rushed over me rather than the singer or good lyrics only. It has been that way for a long time I never remember. These are few songs (more to come lol) of my favourites

Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru [The Liar and His Lover] OSTs

I don't even remember why I decided to watch this movie other than because it has been too long in my folder. I fall instantly to all the songs in the movie >.< I can't pick which one I particularly like because I like all the songs. Basically, everything. Either its being sang by Crude Play, Riko, or simply being hummed by Aki. (Humming guys! I fall in love with hums.)

 Scholar Who Walks The Night OSTs

OSTs, honestly doesn't only those with lyrics or being sang. It could also consist of melody/background music as I have mentioned earlier. Scholar Who Walks The Night is one of the dramas which have a really good music background that triggers emotion greatly. No argue, the wittiness, suspense, sadness, happy - well triggered :') even if you only listen to the song.

Without You by BEAST is my favourite, I think it is the main OSTs in the drama (correct me if I'm wrong) as for the background music, I really love Tears of the Flower, Hidden Heart and Waltz of Memory.

Jealousy Incarnate OST Part 3

Step Step by Suran is my favourite among the other! It gives me this sweet feelings which I don't know how to further describe. It is an English song. I guess, some might feels disturbed by the pronunciation of the lyrics but I found it cute. It radiates this jazz-ey feeling lol. I listened a lot to this song when I want to write fictions, for inspiration.
Not to mention, the drama is worth a try too :) You might recalled your first unrequited love lol.

Descendants of The Sun OSTs

THIS ONE, everyone cannot argue how amazing the OSTs are from Always sang by Chen EXO featuring PUNCH to How Can I Love You by XIA Junsu.

They even did special stage in Music Bank lol! Besides, This Love by Davichi is also nominated for the Best OST in MAMA2016.

A Gentleman Dignity OST Part 5

My Love by Jonghyun CNBLUE is bae :') This song had been my favourite since forever, termasuklah its drama. Probably, the first OST I first pay attention to. Maybe, because of the guitar. I don't know. I just love it a lot.

So, what yours?

035: things that happened


#1 I am officially a graduate of foundation studies :') I know, I know. It is only my first tiny small step towards something much bigger and challenging but I am allowed to celebrate right? *throws confetti* There is a lot of things I need to know, need to do, heck the grammar also need a major work before I can properly announced myself as a language graduate. 

I am happy, though.
Besides, of having no job right now other than helping my Ibu at home. (Like seriously, adik aku ni pakai baju tukar lima minit sekali ke apa?!)
#2 Wattpad. It's not like I am new to Wattpad or what. I used to read the English ones (Noelle's for example did an amazing job in her pieces) but I decided to stop because sometimes, the story is just toooooo much for me. Beberapa hari ni, I keep on curi masa untuk baca apa-apa (selalunya penulis bahasa melayu) to be inspired after such a long time the application takdisentuh. I badly in need of inspiration and revision for my writings. The do's and the don'ts from the perspective of a reader. 

#3 The Princess Bride is something that I watched out of curiosity. I am looking for sources that I can use as a reference for a story I am working on. It is a homework if you ask me lol. I find its hard to picture what goes on the plate each day for a royal, crown prince specifically. The Princess Bride, however, is amusing for me (though it. The awkward acting, the cheesy lines yet hilarious are something that totally out of my league but I like it anyway. 

It was produced in 1987 ;-; yep, it is long time ago. But, the most important things, I enjoy the ride :') I had develop a weird taste when it comes to movies and dramas. There are a lot of things which I found particularly good when others didn't say so. But what matters is me, I am the one who judging lol. Recently, I 'somehow' have this desire to watch 'old' movies (or classic? Idk)

#4 The Great Gatsby.  I was going to buy the book at first. Yet, I then decided (more like pujuk myself) to watch the movie instead because I (desperately) want to buy another book lol. I'm broke okay (tapi nakbeli buku lagi) Back to the movie, I wasn't a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, though Titanic is crazy famous. I don't know, I just don't. Yet I do acknowledge that he IS a good actor. I just can't resist his charm in this movie though. His gestures, his actions, his lines - everything is almost perfect. Everything is soooooo gentleman, Jay Gatsby. I kinda getting carried away by this movie, the emotions and feelings came rushing like a tsunami. 

I should read the book, later obviously.

034: of 'saturated'

“This is the world we live in, I introduce you.” Sarkastik yang tidak mampu disimpan, sebelum dituruti dengan keluh lemah dari mulut. Berita yang sedang bersiaran membuatkan kepala menggeleng perlahan. Air mata laju bergenang dihujung tubir, menanti masa mahu keluar. Mudah benar hati terusik dengan perkara sebegini.

"Are you okay?"

Supersaturated, itu yang dia rasa sekarang. Banyak sangat perkara yang berlaku disekeliling. Tambah lagi dengan informasi bersepah bukan sekadar di laman media malah laman sosial. Dua-dua  membingungkan, entah mana satu yang mampu dipercaya. Tiada barangkali?

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t in the mood to be frank.” Tulus aku meminta maaf selepas sekian lama membiarkan masa berlalu tanpa sebarang kata mengisi ruang. “Saya cuma takpercaya, ini dunia kita sekarang. Realitinya”

Ketenteraman seolah-olah hilang. Keadilan seakan tidak lagi wujud di sini. Semua orang ego , mahu teguh dengan agenda sendiri, harapan yang moganya mampu dipegang terkikis. Jujur, tidak mampu aku meletakkan kepercayaan sepenuhnya tulus melainkan buat yang Satu.

Namun, apa yang lagi memedihkan apabila dirinya hanya mampu berdiri tanpa membantu. Tanpa ada kuasa untuk melakukan apa-apa.

“I’m better off now, it’s getting late.” Kerusi aku tolak. Dia angguk, tidak banyak soal. Faham dengan gelodak perasaan, dengan aku yang kekusutan mahu sendiri.

“Assalammualaikum.” Purse dan kunci kereta diambil dari atas meja, meninggalkan dia dan teh tarik yang sudah suam gamaknya tidak berusik lansung.

Supersaturation is a term I learnt in Social Studies, an effect derived from social medias that came into action when a person become overwhelmed with overloaded information or people. Aku takperasan sebenarnya, but then, when I started feeling depressed over all the news I read from Twitter regarding the arousing political situations, that's it - I need to escape for awhile. 
Mungkin disebabkan 'benda-benda' ni yang terlalu banyak dalam kepala sampai satu masa aku rasa taktahu nakpercaya yang mana satu. Walaupun orang kata terang-terangan that one particular side is wrong, I cannot bring myself to be in total agreement in them. 
It wasn't my style, afterall.
Aku sejujurnya taktahu nakbuat apa yet I know yang sit on one's hand basically won't do anything good. I guess, I better keep myself away from social medias for awhile and read books instead. Yes, books will do for the time being.

p/s: It's embarassing but duh I get pretty emotional reading Kazuo Ishiguro's Crooner (Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall)

[Review] The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder

Published: June 2016
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 288
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult

In this ode to all the things we gain and lose and gain again, seventeen-year-old Penelope Marx curates her own mini-museum to deal with all the heartbreaks of love, friendship, and growing up.

Welcome to the Museum of Heartbreak.

Well, actually, to Penelope Marx’s personal museum. The one she creates after coming face to face with the devastating, lonely-making butt-kicking phenomenon known as heartbreak.

Heartbreak comes in all forms: There’s Keats, the charmingly handsome new guy who couldn’t be more perfect for her. There’s possibly the worst person in the world, Cherisse, whose mission in life is to make Penelope miserable. There’s Penelope’s increasingly distant best friend Audrey. And then there’s Penelope’s other best friend, the equal-parts-infuriating-and-yet-somehow-amazing Eph, who has been all kinds of confusing lately.

But sometimes the biggest heartbreak of all is learning to let go of that wondrous time before you ever knew things could be broken. 



To be honest, it was quite amusing how the chapters are organized through a series of museum labelling/tagging done by the main character, Penelope Marx. Written, obviously based on Penelope’s point of view where the readers are brought to discover her museum of heartbreak. There is novel from Keats. There also a sweatshirt which on permanent loan from Eph which later dia mintak balik.

Sassy macam biasa.

Penelope shows us that heartbreak could happen in many ways. She suffers heartbreak in relationships with her two bestfriends, Eph and Audrey, her crush that soon should be only throw to cliff and more. However,  the crumpling feelings remained same. She suffered heartbroken in different degrees caused by the loose relationship. I would say, this book wasn’t only the normal contemporary books, its also depicts the coming of age for Penelope where she grows stronger despite all the heartbreaks. She might dwell a little, but thats it.

Penelope is basically me. Lol. I could understand how sometimes we want to believe that our decision is right regardless what others might say, that it is okay to believe with ours intuitution, that we could actually change people. But we’re not.

We can’t, sometimes.
There is ‘thing’ that beyond our control.

Favourite Quote:
“Things change, Penelope; people change. Sometimes you get hurt. And sometimes you’re the one doing the hurting.”


The synopsis had already adressed few of the conflicts in this novel honestly. But, read the novel for more. I highly suggest this novel for those who fancies contemporary genre pieces. And for those who wasn’t, then it might be a good try to familiarise with this sort of genre. Lol.

033: of pouring your heart out


I write. A lot. But sometimes, its hard to find a proper word, the right word to explain what actually goes in-out of your mind. Yet, we still find a way to express it in words. Pouring all those chocked feelings because we just want to shout it out. Verbally, or atleast on paper.

I used to pen it out, either in my long list of unpublished drabble (sometimes I do lol) either it tooks form of fiction as a facade or simply the real dialogue, situations. Things. I write with emotions, sometimes to extend where I can't continue finish the piece because I get all emotional over ten words typed in the computer. Can you even believe diz? T_T Aku ada soft-spot yang takboleh disentuh lansung, memang terabur emosi aku dibuatnya.

But when it comes to reality, the real life - I wasn't that expressive, all way long since primary school. Even my bestfriends prove this, saying how they were so curious about what I actually kept to myself whichI would usually just brush it off thinking that no ones want to listen my stories. I am that type of person who pays close-attention to reaction. I have trust issue, guys lol. When I found ones that could intently give their attention to me, I'm good. Fixing that habits now, tho.

I talked about this to one of my lecturers (sucessfully without tearing up) that I thought those certain incidents happened back when I was younger did not affects me at all but nah, its shaped me into this me right. Myself did get affected, afterall. See, I get emotional easily. Lol. It happens, yet I still believe the idea that the past is the things that shape you now and I am, sincerely, grateful of where I am standing right now.

Dan sebenarnya, aku rasa bersalah sebab takmampu nakcakap 'I Miss You' even 'I Love You' towards my loved ones. It just something that I can't bring myself to do. Few of my friends did pick about this once - telling how they are the only one who miss me and me not TT_TT I can just blurt the words out, just to satisfy them but that is not my style. Aku selalu gelak je lol lepastu dengar bebelan panjang depa. Halwa telinga.

But being verbal is important right?
Being verbally expressive is also important is it?

Capturing the gestures, emotions, tones, most importantly the words lagi best by being verbally expressive.
But theres nothing wrong if you find letters and words yang disusun atas kertas lagi senang untuk mewakili emosi waktu tu.

Ana used to say this to me, "Ha elok lah, nanti suami isteri main balas surat je. Bercakap guna memo dengan kertas."

I can be sweeter than that.
Tapi kena cari calon dulu ah.

May Allah ease everything :DD