059: Growing preferences


(I accidentally delete my latest post (059: You Look Happier Than Before) and I internally cry a little because I do not have any copy of it. If you wonder what has happened, yes - this happened.)

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The transition from teenager to a young adult's life might have changed my preferences over the years. I noticed that there are little things I used to hate a lot as a child I soon develop a liking for them. For example, bitter gourd. 

I used to hate those green bitter things even though I come to acknowledge later that my mom made the best stir-fried bitter gourd. I do not know what makes I suddenly love bitter gourd though. Tiba-tiba, on one fine day in CFS I decided to try a spoonful of bitter-gourd and I surprisingly like it a lot.

As cliche as it may sound at this moment, that is exactly how our life works. There are things that unexpectedly would make us happy - well, for me its the food - which we are going to know only if we decided to try it for the first time. Everything needs a first time after all.

This kind of unintentional incidents makes me slowly realize how flexible I have become over the years. I mean, I have always been that type of person who stands still on the ground, refuse to welcome any sudden changes in my life. I am the type that would go ordering the same menu, over and over again because...just because I hate the idea of embracing new options. I stand on my own opinions too.

But, I guess - I learnt to greet a lot of new experiences, ideas and so does people as I grow up meeting, intentionally/unintentionally people over the periods.

I have to give a pat on my back.


May Allah bless you fellas!

ps: I still can't eat bitter bean (petai) though >,< The closest it could get is only on my sambal because I like the color in my sambal lol