Campus Rambles | an eventful Week 3


If you haven't noticed, I intend to make Campus Rambles as a series of updates documenting everything that happened along the week of my semester studies. The reason I decided to write about my daily events simply because I want to reminisce all those days I struggled through the storms and thunders. To remember that I survive them, I survive those turbulences that I thought would kill me.

Yet, they didn't.

I was quite confident I can commit my time for this small project, however as Week 3 approached - I could not find a proper time to write about it. Hence, the reason why I updated my Week 3 almost two weeks after. Hehe. 

"Blessed is the man who knows his own faults better than others know them." - Ibn Hazm

Green-A-Thon Challenge 2019

I worked under the Promotion and Publication bureau. For the first time, I actually show my mediocre video editing skills as well as website making lol.I was pressured to finish them within a very short time - however, I learnt how effective it is when we have a line of higher-ups that acknowledge our struggles, and took their time to willingly guides and comforts us too

I had to design a website from scratch (not really hehe I used Wix lol)  within three days, in the middle of busy assignments/submissions weeks last short semester.

Campus Rambles | Week 2 and a train of thoughts


The haze is getting super bad lately. It has decided to cling to me as a continuous painful cough and a rise in temperature as the sun laying to sleep. My classes even got cancelled last Thursday as the Air Pollution Index (API) in Gombak is getting way more than 200. That left me with only two days of classes. 

I was scrolling my Facebook (Yes, I'm still using it.) to which I stumble into a post advertising on a discussion session happening this Wednesday. It was not something unusual; book discussions, open mic sessions are not peculiar in any universities I bet.