[review] Radiation House

Drama: Radiation House / Houshasenka no Shindan Report
Country: Japan
Episodes: 11
Aired: Apr 8, 2019 - Jun 17, 2019
Aired On: Monday
Network: Fuji TV
Duration: 60 min.
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Medical
- Kubota Masataka as Igarashi Iori
- Honda Tsubasa as Amakasu An

Igarashi Iori is a talented radiographer who believes the “truth” is definitely captured in CT and MRI images. He and radiologist Amakasu An work at a hospital’s radiology department where they determine the causes of patients’ illnesses and injuries. (Source: jdramas.wordpress.com) 

- as cited from MyDramaList
“When someone says doctors, we think of clinicians, specifically surgeons who carry out operations and save lives, right? On the other hand, radiologists, pathologists, and anesthesiologists who work with little direct contact with patients don’t receive much attention from the general public, so their status and fame are incomparable to those of surgeons.”
Watching this drama make me re-think how every single person in this world have their own role as important as the one you highly value and idolize as. It has been a while since I last reviewed any drama. But nevermind, let's continue. 

067: fix on, probably too much


I just wanna have a casual sembang session hehe. It has been a while since we talk, have we not? I kinda realized yesterday that I might have been to fix on writing pieces that are too (hopefully) pleasing to a certain part of myself. I happened to abandon the 'fun' and that 'I-don't-care' attitude in the process of satisfying that inner roaring turmoil. I am sorry, but I do have pride over my 'don't give a damn' characters. It helps me to get along with the world. Lol. Do you have any characteristics of your own that you are proud of having?

Nonetheless, I am officially at home for a short one month break doing - nothing.

It ticked me how I already came out with a list of things I want to get it done before the short semester started, yet I failed myself. No surprise :')