071: of 'let go and let God'

By Katherine Ferreras

It is 4.27 in the morning. I sleep early last night and end up waking up at 3. I do not have anything on the schedule, at least until the end of November. It just... I was feeling quite under the weather - emotionally. Hence, the 6+ hours sleeping. It helps, it does - to some extend. I was going to study a bit, yet I end up talking to you.

I mean, why not?

I was swept by emotions, yesterday. I would blame apart of it due to the change in my diet. You could ask my friend, I am the last person who would complain when it comes to food. I am not picky, I am that one person who would just eat everything no matter how tasteless, salty or sweet the meals are. However, as I have to exclude chicken from almost everything; I get super pissed with the existence of chicken in mine.

Campus Rambles | dealing with post-midsemester break


I did not go home during the mid-semester break; something that I always do. I was working for three days out of that one-week period around TTDI for race kit distributions and earned quite enough for me to last a fortnight. Alhamdulillah for the unexpected rezekiAnd I also met a number of beautiful souls out there.

A day after, I caught quite severe sore-throat to the extend I could not speak. I keep on waking in the middle of the night, feeling nausea and stuffed. Allah knows how painful it was. Itchiness some more due to apparently, an allergic I started to develop (or probably noticed?) 

I skip two classes if I'm not mistaken last week because … I just want to have a proper rest. Something that you would not see me doing if I you meet me last year. Lol. I was a firm believer that we need to attend the class as long as we can walk to get there - it is a part of our responsibilities, we paid thousands to attend the classes per semester.