076: of catharsis and post-exam apocalypse

By faten.banana - August 23, 2020

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Well, it's been a while? Lol. 

A number of things have changed since the day I started my ertl (Emergency Remote Teaching & Learning) experience. I thought I can handle it - apparently, I have to admit defeat at certain days...or subject(s) even. Every single day is just a battle. Really, as much as I love doing online classes as it would allow people to be more open and brave in voicing out their opinions - the dimmer part of online learning cannot just be tossed aside.

Moving forward, it has been a week since my final assessment. I finished my exam on Monday and submitted my individual essay on Friday. It has been a week of lazing around, doing nothing other than watching drama on Viu and fangirling on Youtube :) I finished a crime-thriller drama, The Bridge Season 2, which is so good (and twisted) I admit! I have ditched Malay drama for so long, forgetting that some of them could provide such a rewarding experience.

I still read Malay novels, and I am not ashamed to admit this. I share similar sentiments with a few of my course-mate who reads Malay novel despite the tendency for people to insult Malay novel (without actually reading them). We just need to find the right book for us as reading is a continuous journey

I am still recovering from fever and flu - but life has been better. There is so much thing happening around the world at the moment. We probably feel a sense of urgency to know everything. The latest news about COViD-19, the Beirut explosion, UAE being the third Muslims country to have diplomatic ties with Israel, the current (chaotic) political scene in Malaysia or even the heated discussion about Muslims repressive so-called 'representation' on Netflix. (lol all these from Twitter)

But you know - it is okay to not know every single thing that is happening. It is good to know more about the world, yet - if it would create chaos inside us - it is better to just focus on ourself. Do things that would help ourself, the time would come where it would become beneficial to society. The time would come when we suddenly feel like reading about them, we know ourself better isn't? Loud and clear.

What is my plan for the next 8 weeks?

I intend to write more. You can expect a weekly update ehe because I miss writing so much! Besides, I have put aside a bunch of books I want to finish this semester break. I do not know if I can finish them, but I can try. At least. Tsk. I wanna learn how to do brush lettering too, that would require a lot of practises ehe.

Other than that, I hope all of you are doing good. 
See you in the next entry :)

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  1. 2020 is definitely a hectic year for all of us... that series seems like a lot of fun tho ! will make time to check it out, especially when bront palarae is one of the main actors..

    1. I think 2020 is like a year for us to deal with a lot of (fun) things out of our usual boundaries? Tehe.

      Yes, totally agree with that! Bront Palarae is just a good actor!

  2. hey sis, i hope you don't mind i'm tagging you in a giveaway... check it out if you're interested !


  3. aaaa nasib baik sempat merasa sekejap je online learning huhu. btw, baru habis the bridge s1 huhuu nak sambung s2. antara drama malaysia yang best!

    1. Kaaaaaaaaaan?! Hehehe, kita taktengok S1, terus skip S2 lol

  4. i am looking forward for your weekly update ;) hihi

  5. i wanted to read malay novels too but right i'm so into reading online novels (english) that i have no time for malay novels haha