[special] Blue Sky Tag


Few friends from blogger community have been lovely enough to tag me. I have been tagged by Farah (FARAHZ) , Eyqa (DEWI) and Jar of Journals; Thank youuuuuuuuuu for not forgetting me lol XD I'm so so so sorry for taking such a long time before answering all your questions. 

THE RULES1. Thank the person who tagged you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer
This question has been tagged by Farah

1. What was the last song you listen to? Describe about it.
Attention by Charlie Puth which to be honest, I just turned on the before answering this tag lol.
I would describe it as a tangled mess (the song is gooooooooood no offense) it just the guy, or should I said the narrator (?) he’s a mess because he still cares when he can just shoves everything aside.

2. What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you're driving?
I don’t drive. Sadly. But I guess, since I’m that one particular person whose emotion usually easily influenced by songs I listened to – ballad would be good.

3. What is your favorite band?

At this moment, probably – ACE. I really loves all the covers they did!

4. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at mamak/warung or expensive and delicious food at hipster/famous cafe?
Obviously, money comes first! Lol, besides I find comfort more by eating at mamak/warung than hipster café if I’m gonna hang out with les friends.

5. What is the thing that you're good at?

Lol, jokes. I am good at ‘reading’ people which could be scary at times because I don’t know? The fact that knowing someone could read your actions and behaviors are scary isn’t? *pretendtobenotscarierthanialreadyis*

6. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?
If it significantly would affect the relationship from both side, I would rather make another options instead; not choosing anyone at the first place. I’m just that kind of person.

7. How would you describe yourself?
Emotion-balls, snappy at times. Probably that one person you would not love hanging around with </3

Nah, I'm joking.

8. Do you really love what you are doing now? (Study/job/etc)
Yes. I guess sometimes you just had that one tiny little doubt if you ever made the right choice of being ‘here’. May Allah ease everything for us :)

9. When did you start blogging?
When I was 14, but not seriously until the past two years.

10. Why did you start blogging?
Letting out emotions, because that’s the way I am. I find comfort in writing rather than spilling it to people, face to face.

11. What do you love the most about your blog?
Of not attached to any type of niche area. *wink*

Question from Dewi

1. Do you know Finn of Adventure Times?
Sadly, no. Maybe I should google.

2. How much a 10Kg of raw rice cost? 😀
I guess, RM16++ depending on the brands.

3. Do you prefer matte lipstick or nope?
Matte lipstick kinda looks like plastic for me because of the texture. *forgive this make up noob please* But I like the shades they offer tho.

4. How do you arrange your daily task?
According to my likeliness to do things. Lol, that spelled lazy in a way. However, even if it is hard to believe – I usually list down the things I need to do either in my journal or inside my head, preferably in accord to my willingness. 

That’s how I play my game me ladies.

5. Was Power Rangers your childhood favourite cartoon?
YES! I remembered how I used to stan over the red power rangers because uhm he’s cool. Fill up my every Saturday’s evening :’)

6. Name me a perfume you are wearing now.
Victoria Secret – Vanilla Lace, sometimes I alternate with Pure Seduction if I feel like wanting something freshier.

7. Nasi lemak or roti canai?
How. Could. You. Do. This. To. Me.

I am an avid fan of both! But uhm, I rather choose roti canai then <3 

8. Coffee or tea?

9. Favourite cakes flavor?
White Chocolate Macademia.
source: Secret Recipe
10. Where are you going to celebrate eidul fitr this year?
At my grandparents/my house also lol because basically I’m living with my grandparents so yeah, every year had been the same :D

11. What theme your eid fitri kuroong this year gonna be?
Navy blue because both my younger brothers insist of having those color. Been wondering why lol.

Question from Jar Of Journal
1. What would you name a fanclub if you have one and why.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  *confident level drops to gsdsds$%$^*

I can't even sobs I'm sorreh.

2. Show your makeup palettes collection or any makeup stuff that you love.
source: Tumblr/makeup
Can I cry instead? I do not have any make-up well, if you even considered lip balm with au naturale color is one of it.

I like the hues of the sky better :')

3. Recommend one of your favourite book and rate for it.
If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson because you should read it like it soooooooooooooo freaking good with the right emotions, right characters and the right plot. 4.5/5 for me! I am so gonna buy the physical copy by the end of this year.

You should too!

4. Show your handwriting.

This is from last year to be frank ._.  My handwriting did change a bit but ...................................this is fine. I kinda miss my notes on this subject T_T hoping anyone who get a hold of this could benefit from it.

5. What do you think you're good at?

6. Vintage theme or garden theme or beach theme for wedding?
Garden theme! You could never be wrong with flowers, bunch of them unless you are allergic to it which is too bad.

7. Three current favourite songs.
Attention – Charlie Puth (my friend called it mainstream but nah I’m good)
Despacito –  Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber (let just admit the spanish lyrics caught my attention and man the melody is good)
Lebih Sempurna – Syamel (emotion balls, remember)

8. Top three favourite store to visit when you go to mall.
Guardian and Watson is a must lol. Cotton On.
Note that I don’t usually buy things, I just love going inside, wandering around.

9. Tell about a unique thing about yourself.
I have a lot unexpected interests, in other word: I'm easily attracted to new things.

10. Recommend three blogs, why?
 Chapters - She's special in a way :D
The Pawsome Lion - He's a good writer, with a thought that the 10 years old me wouldn't even be.
The Hundred Pages - A book blogger which mean more sources to good books recommendation with a little hint of spoiler lol because I love spoiler <3

11. What do you think about my blog (jarsofjournal)?
I have been following your blog (secretly admire) lol all your works on poetry.
It's spells love.

I would be tagging these few fellas of mine:

And the questions would be
  1. Do you have anything in particular that you want to achieve this Ramadhan? 
  2. Song(s) that you would recommend to anyone at this moment.
  3. Have anyone told you something about yourself that you found ridiculous? Mind sharing?
  4. What is your current addiction? Why?
  5. Have you ever make a prank? Tell me about it.
  6. Piano or guitar? 
  7. A quote you try to live on.
  8. Little things that you usually noticed but others did not? *creepy but swag*
  9. Do you pay attention more to the lyric or the melody?
  10. A picture that describes your emotion at this moment.
  11. Something which have been lingered around your mind for the past few days.

[review] Sweet Sour | Nasz

[ Sweet Sour | Nasz | 2010 | Jemari Seni | 570 m/surat | RM21 SM/ RM24 SS ]


Novel Sweet Sour ni sebenarnya novel pertama Nasz yang aku baru berkesempatan untuk dapatkan naskahnya semasa Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur 2017, dua minggu yang lalu. Susah sikit nakcari novel ni sekarang sebab buku ni diterbitkan tahun 2010 dan aku difahamkan ia merupakan antara buku best seller Jemari Seni. 

Naskah yang ditangan aku ni pun sudah cetakan ke lapan ._. 

Aku mula kenal Nasz dari Lazuardi, buku latest dia - tu pun dah beberapa tahun lepas diterbitkan. Sesiapa yang takbaca lagi Lazuardi, tapi sukakan penulisan yang ringkas, mudah dihadam dengan scene-scene comel boleh mohon baca novel dari Nasz.

K dah habis promote :')


A – Yang manis, harum lagi wangi itu Zarul
“Kira orang ni taraf cincin gula-gula ni ajelah.”
“Sepuluh ringgit tu.” Sungguh-sungguh dia cakap.
“Berkira... baru sepuluh dah kecoh... bukannya seribu pun.” Aku jeling dia.
“Banyak cakap pula... kalau tak nak bagi balik.” Dia hulur tangan kiri.
Tak tahu pula macam ni punya seronok apabila dapat cincin... walaupun hanya cincin gula-gula.
“Ni kira orang ‘cuplah’ ni.” Sambung dia lagi.
Aku simpan senyum. Tak boleh senyum depan-depan ni, nanti dia perasan!

B – Yang pahit, masam, masin, payau itu Joe Jambul
“Bayar cincin ni.” Kata dia. Betul ke ni, apa yang aku tengah dengar ni.
“What?” aku terjerit di situ.
“Pay for this.” Relaks aje dia mengarah aku lagi.
“Okey... saya bayar!” Aku jeling dia.
Tapi kan, juling biji mata aku tengok bil RM10 000 kat Tiffany tu. Gila ke apa? Batu planet mana dia pakai buat cincin bodoh ni!
* * *
Kenapa Zarul dan Joe Jambul sangat berbeza di hati Lia?
Gali jawapannya dalam Sweet Sour. Karya NASZ ini sungguh warna-warni dan santai persembahannya, anda tentu terpesona!
Secara jujurnya, bila aku baca sinopsis novel ni - aku mengharapkan sesuatu yang bersifat romantic-comedy. Tapi novel ni, untuk aku cakap genre utamanya adalah seperti yang aku jangka adalah tidak sama sekali. Jika dilihat dari struktur ayat dan pembinaan karakter, aku rasa lawaknya itu datang dari sifat Alia yang sengal lol. Genre yang tepat, mungkin light angst

Jalan penceritaannya, bagi aku agak cepat tapi takdelah sampai tahap rushing. Kalau part rushing pun mungkin aku boleh kata nakmasuk bahagian ending je. Aku rasa macam kena longgok sebijik gitu sebab satu persatu perkara yang kita naktahu semasa penceritaan terbongkar.


Aku taktahu sama ada nakpuji atau tidak karakter Alia yang jenis takmudah terjentik dengan masa silam gelap Joe. Lagi-lagi bila Joe sendiri jujur je bagitau apa yang Alia naktahu, takde selindung dan kadang-kala tidak beralas. Aku taktahu naknilai sama ada dia takpeduli disebabkan rasa sayang dekat Joe itu memang takde atau dia memang jenis manusia yang takkisah dengan masa lalu orang lain.

Even bila Jackie (self-claimed she is Joe's girlfriend lol) datang dan semuka dengan dia waktu dia reception. Fuh, kalau aku memang agak berapi tapi bila fikir balik - reaksi aku pun mungkin macam Alia jugak. #Tetiba.

Zarul, dia ni messed up. Sumpah messed up gila. Dia baik tapi semangat dia lemah. Lepas tahu reason dia, nak tahu kenapa aku cakap macam tu, kena cari masa untuk baca novel ni lah.

Joe adalah manusia yang paling sabar, aku rasa naknangis duh dengan kesabaran dia ni. Ditambah pulak dia cakap, 'I'll change' dekat Razif bila mana Razif cakap 'Dia nakterima ke kau yang macam ni?'. Something liddat, fuh. Saya respect.

Macam bezanya dua rasa - masam dan manis, macam tu jugaklah karakter hamba Allah dua orang ni, Zarul dan Joe. Bagi aku cerita ni banyak triggered aku as in this is one of the way belajar daripada kesilapan orang. Selama ni, kita selalu disajikan dengan bahan bacaan yang straight forward cakap bila kau dahbuat salah, untuk betulkan salah itu; cara betulnya begini.

Tak. Dalam novel ni tak. Dia just bagitau 'begini' dan 'begini' adalah salah, apa yang kau patut buat - kena fikir sendiri :')

[Favourite Scene]


  1. No matter how dark your life used to be, you can change. You can always change for a better you.
  2. Bila suka dekat seseorang, cuba jangan untuk biarkan rasa tu menguasai logik akal dan jangan pernah letak rasa cinta sepenuhnya pada seorang manusia. boleh jadi at the end of the day, he's not the one.
  3. Jangan mudah melatah, fikir sebelum buat satu-satu keputusan.

#April: a picture diary


To those who miss me (hopefully!) Hello guys! it's been awhile after such a depressing post. Lol. April tortured me in the first two weeks however, the other two weeks coming later is such a bless even though I suffered to more sleepless night, tiring training and non-stop submission after one another. Had few incidents such as me waking up at 9 in the morning when I supposedly have group presentation at 8.30 AM.

But, hey! Let's not count the catastrophe and focus to things that makes me happy instead :) We had enough negative vibes from the last entry already -_______-

Ever since I overcame my fear of touching this cute fuzzy ball (read: cats) last year, I had grow attachment towards them. You would find me suddenly meowing in the presence of cats. My university apparently had a lot of cats around the campus that even if they choose to name my uni as Abu Hurairah University, I had no objections, seriously speaking.

Among all of the cats, there is one cat that I actually adore so much. I don't think it has name nor do I did ever give one to it. She always linger around the area between the masjid and library; the route I usually used either to go to class in the morning or silat practise at night. So, each time I saw her I would go at her, pat her, play with her a little bit (no matter how late I am to class lol). It just becomes a habit.

She also got a twin who looks exactly like her. However, each time I tried to get close to, it will run like crazy.

(p/s: During the time I took the picture above, she's being extra clingy lol. She keeps playing at my leg, followed me half way when I wanted to walk home. )

Apparently last week, Kuliyyah of Education held a programme called Bazaar Che'Gu 2.0 for a week where they sold a lot of thing, mainly food of course. It also in conjunction with counselling week if I'm not mistaken because I managed to take a few test to determine my personality, work ethics and career preference.

The result, as expected ._. I am INTJ (Introvert iNtuitive Thinking Judgement) Most of the characteristics describe me thoroughly. They sent me the complete profile but I haven't got the time to go through all the materials.

So, who's also INTJ?

This is my first ever 'going-to-theater' experience, and to make it more memorable (lol) it's my friend play! I actually went there to support few of my friend who were going to stage their play under the name of 'Not A Production'.


It was basically a experimental theater competition among four campus of IIUM (Gombak, Kuantan, Gambang and PJ). However, there are only one participation from PJ (Not A Production) and the other three are from the main campus Gombak (The-Xcapism, Juragan Pentas and Projek Kawan-Kawan), the big names in Gombak when it comes to theater production.

I went there with a group of my others friend who were also there to support Mardhiyah and Fara ._. They were loud and supportive to be honest. Took a bunch of picture during that night, but its not on my phone :')

All of the team did a really great job. I was left with emotional impact from all the plays (Bermain Puteri, Santiran, Kepulangan Yang Dinanti and Kami Halimunan).

Another things that happened is, I already took Ujian Sijil Rendah for Silat Cekak back on 21 of April. The most awaited exam for those who took Silat Cekak :') Overall, I think everything is fine. Had few regrets but I can always improve it later. I just need to attend more training just to polish my skills. 

Most of the people would go missing after receiving their certificate. Hoping that I would not, because I still want to keep fit as Silat is the only way for me to let out sweat twice a week lol. Besides, I want to brush my skills more. Buah tak kemas sangat, ni ah masa nakbelajar tanpa pressure dah :)

Lepas USR haritu, saja nak mengikut ahli kelas silat cekak yang lain untuk majlis ijazah depa. Taksangka pulak malam tu banyak ilmu lain yang aku dapat. Dia lain tau bila bersembang dengan orang lama-lama dalam persatuan.

Aku memang rasa perbezaan sebenarnya, bila masa aku aktif berpersatuan dengan tidak ._. Dulu dekat CFS aku memang jenis buat hal aku sendiri. Memang pergi kelas latihan semata-mata untuk persilatan, takbercampur dengan orang ke apa :')

Cuma bila dekat Gombak ni, environment dia lain sikit. Aku dah mingle dengan orang, aku cuba untuk interact dengan orang. Built connection. Involved-kan diri dalam banyak aktiviti persatuan sebab rasa seronok dapat bergaul dengan orang. Pada masa yang sama aku jugak dapat kenal diri aku sendiri dari kaca mata orang lain.


Aku angkat kepala dari tingkap kereta. Soalan dilempar pada dua orang manusia dikerusi hadapan. "Kenapa senyap? Cerita lah lagi!"

Dua suara itu bergabung.

"Amboi!" Zarrin bersuara.
"Eh ingatkan dia takdengar!" Mazni. 

Rasanya semua didalam kereta dah meledak dengan ketawa, termasuklah Kak Bell yang asyik dengan handphone-nya tadi.

Tiba-tiba aku rasa kecik semula. Ketawa kecil dilepas dari mulut sendiri, anak mata lari entah kemana tapi mulut laju saja menjawab "Ala, aku memang takbanyak cakap. Aku suka dengar je." Jelas aku jujur. 

"Tapi betul, baguslah. Kau mesti a good listener ni."

Dia tembak. 

Aku? Mungkin.


"Kau ada berapa orang adik beradik?" Kak Shahirah memulakan sesi temu bual. 

"Enam orang, saya sulung."

"Eh sulung? Takmacam sulung pun!" Semua di meja mengiakan saja.

"Saya pun Sulung!" Aku angkat tangan, mencelah antara perbualan mereka. Automatik semua mata kini tertumpu pada aku. Mereka gelak. "Ni Sulung? Lagi tak percaya!" 

"Alaaaa, betul lah. Taknampak macam anak Sulung dahke?" Sewaktu di asasi, takkira kemana saja aku pergi pasti mudah saja orang untuk menebak bahawasanya aku ini anak sulung. Mungkin disebabkan aku terlalu dimanjakan oleh 'kakak-kakak' senior disini sampaikan aku yang takde abang mahupun kakak ini jadi terlebih clingy dengan orang.


Update pasal the most anticipated event in April (read: PBAKL2017) will come later wuhuuuuuu lol! I don't buy much, but I kinda like what I have bought.

Farewell, may Allah ease everything!