032: Hues of Promise

Title: Hues Of Promise
Genre: Light Angst
Type: Short Drama [two-shot]
Language: Bahasa Melayu (90%) 
(p/s: credit goes to Zaa since she gave a drabble which I later turned into this one lol)

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Kali ini, Hues of Promise. 

Bila dahlama takmenulis.
Bila dahlama takbermain dengan aksara dan warna-warna perkataan.
Bila dahlama taksentuh photoshop.

Harapnya, ini satu permulaan yang bagus setelah sekian lama lol.
Salut! (bye)

p/s: tajuk bahasa inggeris sebab penulis takmampu nakcari perkataan melayu yang sesuai T_T

[Review] Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto | A Girl & Three Sweethearts

Episodes: 10
Director: Hiro Kanai, Ryo Tanaka, Tomonobu Moriwaki
Writer: Sayaka Kuwamura
Network: Fuji TV
[Plot] Misaki Sakurai (Mirei Kiritani) has not dated in a long time. She has focused on her work as a pĆ¢tissier to eventually run her own business. One day, she gets fired from work. She then meets her first love from high school Chiaki Shibasaki (Shohei Miura). Misaki Sakurai works part-time at Chiaki’s restaurant and also stays there. While she lives with Chiaki at his restaurant, she realizes that Chiaki's two younger brothers Toma (Shuhei Nomura) and Kanata (Kento Yamazaki) also live there. - AsianWiki


Finished this drama, yesterday c: Just incase I might forget (or forgot?) the storyline before I write the review. Sebenarnya, aku taknak tengok drama ni lol sebab I can smell the cliche-ness from this dorama and the title is too plain (came from someone who loves metaphore lol) for me. Something happened, I have this sudden eager-ness (you can say) to watch this drama. Well, not because Kento Yamazaki (who played as L in Death Note). I don't know, I'm weird. Don't judge. Lol.

 Let's talk about the drama now, shall we?

This is a good drama especially for those who enjoys contemporary-family-themed story. The settings were mainly situated in the sea and summer. Terfikir jugak, is it a summer love or what? But it's not. This story speak-out about dream, family relationship and love. 

It has few conflicts, to named a few, Kanata hates Misaki lol. Kanata is the only chef in Sea Sons Restaurants, he wouldn't let Misaki (a patissier) to get into his territories, the kitchen because he thinks Misaki works at the restaurant for the sake of getting Chiaki's love. 

The conflict around the brothers also quite interesting since I wasn't expecting it by the looks of how they are closed to each other.

Favourite Character(s)

It would be Kanata! (obviously) For me, he played his role as a blunt/cold man really well. He doesn't look that awkward and seriously - I sometimes feels the need of sepak his mouth because hes too heartless, too direct. As the story evolves, his consideration towards others could be seen and those reasons too.

I cannot argue more.

Favourite Scene


*tembus bumi*

We always have the desire to achieve big. We want to see the big result as fast as we could. Hence, we would take hugeeeeeeeee steps in order to achieve it sooner. But when we came across an obstacle, some might be able to get it through with few scars, probably, some might - retreat and surrender. 

Jadi Muslim, kita memang digalakkan untuk ada cita-cita yang besar. Bila berdoa, jangan minta syurga saja, berdoa supaya kita ditempatkan di Syurga Jannah - the highest one. Tapi jangan lupa, untuk capai setiap impian yang besar itu kita mulakan dengan yang kecil-kecil ni. It wasn't about getting your desired dream right at that point. Mungkin Allah dah tetapkan yang waktu ini, kita hanya sesuai dapat rezeki sebanyak ini c: Allah Maha Mengetahui. Yang penting, keep working on it, don't you think so?

Special Notes

For your information, Sayaka Kawamura is the one who wrotes the script for Strobe Edge too.


Catch the drama here, and share your opinion on it! ;)

031: interlude


It's been a week since I finish my foundation, spent few days at my aunt house somewhere located in Kuala Lumpur just because I cannot resist the temptation of playing with the twins (boy x girl). Not to say that, this final semester exhaust me a lot that I barely find my own 'me time'. Yet, because it is the last semester.
Not to mention, I went to Tanjung Harapan in Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor and MashaAllah, the view is very splendid. The breeze, the smell - everything about that place in particular is good. Healing. I mean, that is just the kind of place for me. Limitless sky. Wide sea (is it). An open space - as I hate to be cramped in a (very) crowded place. Shopping complex is fine. Lol. No, I do not have any phobia. Thank you.

Now, here I am. Back home, finally. 

I already draw out few things I want to do before pursuing my degree next year. The online application had been settled, I just need to wait for the result on the 1st of December which is almost two months away. I decided to learn another language (yeay!) by myself and no, its not Korean - though I would be glad to do so. I'm learning French (I keep thinking is it because the drama Les Entrepreter or what lol). At first, I thought I would do Greek (can't decide either modern/ancient) or Latin. But cannot, I'm not confident as soon as I googled the Greek Alphabets. Nu-oh, maybe next time. I will need a tutor for that.

 I started watching A girl and Three Sweethearts , a japanese drama. I also managed to finish a novel written by Sophie Kinsiella - I've Got Your Number (which suprisingly good). No wonder she's famous ;') Inn Shaa Allah, I might post reviews on it later.

And last but not least, I'm so into Mingyu of Seventeen nowadays.

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