023: Tautan Hati

Assalammualaikum ._.

There's time in life when I start to ponder more about myself. I learnt a lot in this week, more upcoming Inn Shaa Allah but there are two things keep bounce and back around my head. 

'Ilm (Knowledge) and Barakah.

I happened to have a small conversation with a best friend of mine while killing (more like chilling actually lulz) time at the library, yesterday. I told her about how small (literally) I feel like in one of the religious classes I have to take this semester because everyone likes ... have more knowledge of Islam and me like ... still merangkak. Dan, bukan itu saja yang buat rasa macam tu. 

Tapi boleh dikonklusikan; inferiority, that how it seems to me as me. 

Guess what did my friend said?

"Kalau semua orang betul, buat apa belajar?"

Burn. Enough to wake me up from that state lulz. This point ahead, I start to talk more to myself, saying "It's okay to feel like this, this is process of seeking knowledge. It's fine, or atleast it is going to be fine." Cari ah ilmu, takrugi pun. 

Another one is barakah. Sobs shame on me, I do understand what is barakah (Apparently, an imagination of mine *creys*) Yesterday, Alhamdulillah the light has shed on me. She jumped from a topic on Al-Quran and how we can acquire Hidayah (guidance) towards our final destination to Barakah.

"What is Barakah?" - Ustazah Siti Hawa, Selected Themes of Al-Quran.

"Blessing. Berkat." 

Blessing could not actually explains the word barakah correctly, the same goes to the word Islam as I previously learned in first semester. It's hard to give full explanation to certain (?) arabic words because of its beautiful and deep meanings hiks. So, my Ustazah said one of the meaning from the word Barakah is increasing (ziyadah). For example, you learn something and then from that little things you learnt it could actually benefits more people or continously benefits people. Ada barakah, like how we Malays always said. Lulz.

Read more about barakah: here and here!

Amboi, Tautan Hati! Lulz, during Business Class, the lecturer mentions about Congregational Prayers (Solat Jemaah) ; macam mana dengan merapatkan saf seolah-olah hati kita bertaut! 


022: [Review] The Interpreters / Les Interpretes

Qiao Fei is a French postgraduate, who dreams of becoming a famous interpreter. Her education in Paris puts her right in a college where she coincidentally meets a professional French Interpreter, Cheng Jia Yang, and the two start their mentorship on the wrong foot. She earns his praise when she continuously overcomes his challenges and the two gradually develop feelings towards each other. When everything seems to go smoothly, problems arise one after another. She is trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend Gao Jia Ming, who is Cheng Jia Yang's brother. He is the dream boyfriend in the hearts of all female students, but no one knows he is suffocating under the arrangements of his family. He hides his silent resistance against their wishes beneath a calm, serious mask. Both have been hurt before in love, so they are careful to jump over hurdles for their budding romance. Will their steady love beat all the odds against them? ~~ Based on the novel "Les Interpr├Ętes" written by Miao Juan.
-  MyDramaList

Country: China 
Type: Drama
Episodes: 42
Duration: 45 min.


For me, it’s always being Korean Dramas and Japanese/Pinoy/Thailand Movies. Malay Dramas, sometimes but it’s depend on how I view (literally?) it, preferably – Romcom. Simply, because the these countries movies/dramas have criterias that suit my taste, honestly. However, I have this weird addiction on Chinese Dramas after watching Love Me If You Dare and My Amazing Boyfriend.

In my own word, this drama tells the journey of Qiao Fei in becoming a French Interpreter. She is a top student and managed to get into Institute for Advanced Interpretation (IAI) for internship. While, Cheng Jia Yang – a professional French Interpreter and at the same time Qiao Fei’s mentor during internship. Well, sparks and sparks after that they somehow become close.

Cliche enough?

I know, but the thing is – the characters are quite special. Jia Yang for example. He is not that kind of person who would provide everything to make things easier. Instead he provides support and that person need to work for it. He pushed people to go over their comfort zone. That trait, in particular attract me the most? Lulz.

Qiao Fei, like I said each of the character is unique in a way. I actually opposed how Qiao Fei reacts at first. I mean who dares to question your interviewer like he is your old-known-friend? I’m not. Man, you know that we usually connect (by putting ourselves in the characters shoes yada yada kan?) with the characters. Tapi, den takboleh sebab karakter dia wa cakap lu, so not me *menangis di penjuru* Bold sangat.

But then, gradually boleh connect hiks hiks.
Or I think I did?

The cons, might be the super long episodes –  I mean, heck its 42 episodes guys! Therefore, you can expect kinda slow progression over the plot. But still, it’s worth to give a try. You can take time chewing it properly (and spaz each time Jia Yang smile) That guy, never smile until the tenth episodes, I swear. Besides, this drama have more conflicts than the usual one. I have watched until 20th episodes and heck I wanna kick Jia Yang’s brother real hard.

Taklupa juga kawan Jia Yang dan Qiao Fei, comels teramat!

Other factors that make me favours this drama might because they work in language department lulz. And I, as a language student pun ter-effect sekali. Haha.

When all is going well for me, when everybody is telling me that I’m great. I tell myself, “You are not as good as they say you are.”

When everybody says I’m terrible, I tell myself, “You are not as bad as they say you are.”

Humans are individual beings. Our egos are very important. For a lot of problems, other people can’t help you. You can only help yourself. All problems are problems with ourselves. That’s why you must give yourself confidence. You must cheer yourself on.
Les Interpretes, Episode 21

You can watch/download it on KissAsian!

021: Strangers' Comfort

Mahallah Umar 


Aku antara manusia yang suka keluar sorang-sorang. Kalau aku keluar dengan kawan-kawan, kebiasaannya aku jadi pasif sikit. Mungkin jugak sebab aku lagi selesa nakmenapak dan buat keputusan (makan/destinasi/masa) ikut kepala sendiri. Bebas. Ceh.

Sebab tu, lone ranger freak. Pft.

Setakat ni, yang rajin keluar dengan aku, Dodol jelah. Tu pun lepas kena paksa dan di-sweet-talk oleh Dodol, ada masa dia akan budu-kan aku.

Aku taktahulah sama ada aku ni antara magnet stranger atau apa – ain’t a big deal pun. Bukan sesuatu yang selalu berlaku pada aku, but it did happened once in a while lulz. For some (weird) reason, I found comfort in their words.

Ada sekali tu aku naik bas dari universiti aku nakpi lepak MPH Midvalley (I rarely go to other place huks), jumpa sorang 2nd Year student – namanya ... aku lupa tsk, a sister. Dia tegur aku dulu. Kebiasaannya memang macam tu, heck would I approached stranger first unless they do it first – sis taksombong (eh), cuma aku pendiam (eh lagi). Perbualan dengan dia antara benda yang aku ingat sampai sekarang sebab waktu tu aku sendiri masih tergapai mencari makna akan keputusan yang aku ambil.

“Bagi orang lain mungkin dahcukup, tapi saya takrasa boleh survive. Ni sepatutnya dah last sem saya dekat sini, tapi dari menyesal nanti baik tukar sekarang je.” – Anon

Dan bila diingat balik ekspresi muka dia waktu tu, taknampak pun menyesal ke apa. Lulz, yang taktahannya bila dia kata dia mengantuk dalam kelas since tak aktif sangat. Yelah, Art students dekat sini mana bawak kalkulator pergi kelas, buat calculation apa semua – cuma dengar lecture and jotes down the note (kalau rajin hahahahaha). Lain dari kebiasaan dia.

Sister, wherever you are – himnae!

Ada lagi sorang sister aku jumpa waktu naklintas jalan pergi Cold Storage, Jaya One. Sorang-sorang, macam biasa. Waktu tu aku tengah stres, pening, rasa cam nak lempang orang semua ada ah. Berkecemuk, so aku nakpi menyesat dalam pasar raya (it works for me, waktu stress). Dia approached aku, tanya aku kos apa semua en. Then, we end-up going to Jaya One together. Dia nakbeli beg untuk pergi kelas so aku bawak jelah dekat Pop! Mind you, aku punya tahap pakar dalam Jaya One tu memang lain macam. We clicked well somehow. Sembang, taram semua topik. Bebas. Comforting at the same time. Lulz, hilang ah stres aku ritu, biar sekejap. Pada masa yang sama, ada beberapa perkara juga aku belajar. Simple gesture, such as let the guy walk past you first. Courtesy, and at the same time much more easier. Yep, that’s the word. Easier.

Tapi tu kali pertama dan terakhir aku sembang dengan dia. Jugak senior tu.

That’s how its work, strangers’ comfort.

I guess?