March Sale-abration!


I have been spending quite an amount around this month none other because it is a special month for me. It’s my birthday! And there is nothing more self-worthing than doing anything that could please you to the moon and back; be it by treating your housemates nasi lemak for breakfast, accompany your friend for a window shopping, or simply celebrating the days around the ones you loves.

Because, it’s special!

Since this month is significantly special and probably the best chances for us to create more and more memories. With family and friends. Who knows we might even met our long lost significant others too. Who knows, who knows? Hiks.

“The best way to know your friends? Travel with them!”

When it comes to travelling – expenses would be one of the things that we worry the most. Scratch that. It’s the main issue!

Well, guys. Worry no more, you can even start planning your short trip now. It’s March 2017, and Traveloka Malaysia is sale-abrating! Oh wait, have you heard about Traveloka? (I –almost- confused it with another party lol)

*clears throat* Ehem, as the name suggest.

Travel-loka’. Let me make it short, sweet and simple; is a one-stop platform for the millenias like us to search, book and manage our next trip either for domestic and international destination, hassle free for flight and hotel booking. No more phone calling to book your hotel (which is good if you hate talking to the phone like meh) and time saving as everything could be done as long as you have your gadget right on your hand (which is every single time. No. You better do not lie). Besides, the price is based on what you see is what you get. No surprise sudden hidden price you need to pay.

We hate paying more. Even for extra rice in our plate during lunch. Fuh.
Totally me.
Traveloka is currently promoting an online campaign called The Traveloka Sale-abration. This online travel fair promotes big and (delicious) eye-sparkling deals for flights and hotels across a variety of destinations. I present you:

#1 Flight Deals

I am going to highlight how Traveloka actually deals with every kind of budget, as low as RM40 to domestic destinations and below RM100 to international destinations. By the way, is there anyone sharing the same habit of mine – comparing price for any items I intend to purchase (chronically speaking lol)? Aha! Traveloka allows you to compare and book the best deal value for your money and flight deals across multiple airlines, again, domestic or international destination (which is kewl)

I am currently imagining myself in Europe guys, sooooooooon real sooooooooon.

#2 Hotel Deals

To ensure you are able to have a great stay, they has over 100 exclusive Traveloka-only deals for destination around Southeast Asia. In order to meet various travel purposes (relaxing your body after years pursuing degree –ehem this is hint my friend-, business travelling or mass shopping lol) partner hotels have been carefully selected to cater your need (and me!)

I found it fascinating that Traveloka actually provides more information regarding the hotel services (plus reviews!). Once you visit the website, key-in all the info regarding your stays (destination, duration of stays and number of guest/room) you will be brought into the search result page. By clicking the ‘see room’ link, fuh, you can see the room conditions, service provided such as WiFi or elevator, and last intriguing aspects is their nearby attractions (spells uhm-may-zing!).

You do not have to Google anymore only to be provided by poor quality pictures!

The Traveloka Sale-abration last from 10 up to 31 March 2017. Seven more days for you to grab the ticket! You would not want to miss this (probably) one time chance, never know when will be the next sale-bration and man – you might regret it for years. Lol. For booking, you can either opt to website [https://www.traveloka. com/en-my/] or just download the app (cheaper price as far as I know) through Google Play (for Android Users) or App Store (for iOs Users) which I found quite fascinating as I hover around the website.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the official website here and for more information about the campaign, hit here.

Sunshine Blogger Award


First and foremost, a big thanks to Sister Afifah (from: Awesomeness) who nominates me for this Sunshine Blogger Award! Frankly speaking, I was a bit perplexed like how can I get this award when I do not shine enough? Lol, but I'm glad. I have been keeping this one since forever because of the major-wrecking-week-before-you-have-your-holiday as I want to do this seriously. 


1. Introduce yourself as if you really want me to know you and you know I wouldn't judge even if you say your secret crush is Hitler / Just introduce yourself in five words.

‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’
Well, that’s seven.

2. If you never have to work and never have to worry about money anymore, what will you do?

I would go travel and study because studying is like a super expensive privilege that no one able to get nowadays. I have love for education, I like studying in a way that cannot be explained. But sometimes, meh – I’m just lazy to do a thing.

I like the idea of getting our people rise and shine in education department or at least minimalist the number of illiterates in our country. We need more mufakkir. And I kinda agree with a statement by Pluto found in 25 Filsuf Barat by Matluthfi:

“Dunia ini tidak akan menjadi betul sehinggalah raja tidak menjadi filsuf atau raja filsuf.” p.16


3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Not studying for my law quiz which is on the next day. Instead, I watched Korean Dramas. Please don’t do this adik-adik. I’m just too stressed to think about anything. A rebel against myself.

My friend called me crazy, me too.

But to be honest, I used to have this thought of why do we need to study again when we already study about it in the class? I'm pretty much nerd, I don't skip class because I hate the idea of missing things.

4. Favourite movie of all time and why so?

The Great Gatsby (2013). The actors are soooooooo good that everything about this movie is so  beautifully heart-throbbing kills me.

To be honest, The Great Gatsby is the movie that makes me look forward for more classic literatures (and old movies lol) I wasn’t that ‘into’ over classic literature but maaaaaaaaaan, F.Scott Fitzgerald is brilliant, I won’t argue.

My obsession over The Great Gatsby even makes me read the literary criticism /pat in the back/ because, uhm … curiousity? Turns out – most of the scenes in The Great Gatsby is based on his own experiences. Oh yeah, it does.

5. Share with me your quirky-est nickname and how did you get that?
Opie. First, let me clarify – my name had nothing that can be associated with this name. It just a name that few friends of mine used to called me because they think it suit me in a way.

6. What is your greatest weakness?
Empathy. I used to think this is good, but the more I experienced – well, life, I know that I cannot be too emotionally linked to something.
It’s hurt and hurt is not good.

7. What is your greatest strength?
Composure. Like yeah, I can keep calm almost in any situation. (refer to number 2) Facepalm.

Guess who got 3/10 in her Intensive Expository Writing’s quiz and refused to look at that paper anymore? Lol.

8. What is your best childhood memory?
Playing badminton with my family, every weekend in front of my old house.

9. If you can only keep five possessions, what would that be?
Handphone. Laptop. Books. Books. Books.

10. What is the biggest character turn-off for you?

11. If you could have any superpower, what power would it be and why? - it must be skills, not something like time-travelling or immortality.

Photographic memory? Hahahahaha (you wish!) Because, I just feel like having one after watching Dr. Strange. He can read a looooooooooooooot of books in no time.

That. Is. Cool.


I'm soooooo sooooooo sorry that I am unable to prepare questions and tag another bloggers. Mind me, please? :D Have a nice day! 

043: Study, metaphorically speaking

I was staring at the dashboard, thinking absolutely nothing when a question pulled me back into reality: What is it like to be a degree student in language course, after a month? Ironically, darting my eyes over the calendar afterwards.

Does my life really go through the same cycle, every single day? Meaning, waking up at 6:30 in the morning (after 15 minutes of continously setting the alarm to snooze and wait-let-me-have-another-five-minutes-thank-you moment lol) walking to class for almost 30 minutes early because the distance is enough to burn all the calories you took during breakfast, class and more class, read and read, silat training and the list goes on. But it is always the same routine.

Really? The same routine with nothing to ‘spice’ the day? Really?

I’m in between to be honest.

I nag a lot during the first couple of weeks, to myself, to people. To almost anybody I met hahahahaha ._. It takes time to adjust myself to the new environment, maybe that is one of the reasons which makes me a bit demotivated to go through the daily courses. I hate routine, as I mentioned in previous post. Cepat bosan. But the classes are amazing! (read: uh-may-zing with a swag okay) Every single class is fascinating on their own, and man frankly speaking – I actually hate few of the classes at first until they suddenly got really cool (read: kewl). I mean, who don’t?

I am taking 6 subjects + Study Circle II and still continue my Silat practise (Currently in Kelas Umum – preparing myself for Ujian Sijil Rendah in May!) this semester. The practise is bearable probably because we haven't got into that intense physical training yet. 

Study? Metaphorically speaking is like this: 

#1 Makanan dah depan mata, tinggal kita sendiri nak ambil suap masuk kedalam mulut. Ada masanya kita akan dihidangkan dengan makanan yang kita takpernah jumpa, rare gitu - kita akan jadi clueless. Taktahu macam mana cara nak makan makanan tu. Makan dengan tangan, dengan sudu atau apa-apa kutleri lain yang memudahkan? Atau ber-eksperimen dengan cara sampai jumpa the right way.

#2 Kita semua diberi makanan percuma (yes, again) contohnya dunkin donut sugar glazed tu lol tapi kita decide untuk campak separuh bahagian donut itu. Makan sebelah je.

#3 Untuk makan, ada masa kita kena sendiri mencari untuk isi perut. Kalau tiada makanan disediakan dan kita sendiri pun tiada usaha, maka berlapar itu satu lumrah. Lumrah yang kita minta.

Lol. Everything is bearable at this moment. Alhamdulillah, Inn Shaa Allah may Allah showers us with rezki and His affections. Adios!