[challenge] #8: talking about fashion, a failure.

By faten.banana - January 10, 2017


I would be that one person who rarely dress up, wearing the same attires that you thought its going to bore your eyes out, thinking sport shoes totally fine with everything and obviously, having no make-up at all (yes, not even a coat of lip balm) is fine. 

(No, it's not)

I haven't changed at all, well, yet.


I am so in love with baju kurung. I wear it almost on any occasions because it is so comfortable aside senang nak sembahyang bila keluar nanti. Sometimes, I do wear slack with long sleeves shirt (favorably, stripey or just plain black) and that's it. Jeans is no-uh for me. The last time I wore jeans would probably seven years ago, when I was 14.

There's time, uhm you know, that feels like you want to be fancy a bit. It would be the jubah's day. Lol. I wear jubah if I feels like getting a bit dress-up while on the other hand it doesn't looks like I put any effort. Did I?


I do not own any flat shoes anymore. I was going to get a new one, but to no avail yet. Heels just does not feels right for a 5'6 footer like me (169cm). A walking giraffe. My everyday shoes would be a black Vans (copied?) that I got for RM55 or my black with neon green line sport shoes. Kasut sukan tu dah koyak, but it helps me a lot going all the way through my foundation years. So to just throw it away, doesn't feels right.

Yet, I got a new black sport shoes few days ago. Tch. For only RM28, lol. 


I only wear bawal crepe. I used to wear the normal tudung bawal but man, the inner neck doesn't do me justice. And yes, I don't wear shawls. Takreti. Aku pernah pakai sekali je. Lepastu malas though I do think that shawls can looks so good on a person.


This is sad, I went to class using my (almost ripped) Levi's Tote Bag :') The one that I got for 5 bucks? Or is it something that I found laying in my house, can't remember. Kadang-kadang, kalau nakbeli grocery pun pakai beg tu. Senang, semua benda boleh sumbat. 

Kalau keluar hanging-out, I would wear the bag in the picture above. Dodol even claimed that I look extra feminine using that bag since I don't used it frequently.

I'm  thinking to get a new bag, for class. But meh, shove everything. Let's spend more money on books instead. 


Johnson's Baby Powder and Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream (as a moisturizer and to heal scars). Yep. Nothing more. Sometimes, I do not even bother to put anything because I'm a lazy bum. 

However, is it because I'm getting older? I keep feeling the urge to at least looks presentable. By mean, probably a coat of lip balm (lipstick, ugh, I can't accept that yet) so that I would not looks that pale.

I might not enjoy applying make-up to my face (lazy remember?) but it doesn't mean I do not love make up. I love the hues, sometimes the smell of it. Lol. I even know the basics, like the function of primer, concealer, highlight and so. I went to Watson with my younger sister and man, she was shocked about that mere fact that I know this things exist.

Can't be help if you friends is make-up junkies, gotta learn from them lol. Kalau tak, rugi lah sampai bila-bila noob.


And that's it. Lol. I can't talk fashion. Really. I only talk about my everyday style.


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  1. Indeed you are just a simple girl. Me also dulu pakai bedak compact jer. But after kaka facial tegur how dehydrate my skin were, so I began putting (from what I learn on beauty blogger/vlogger) this chemical that can make ur skin glow. Only it didnt glow yet. haha. I just hope it still not too late to save my skin. :3 we getting older..

    1. I rarely face any problem with my skin, which might be the reason why I hardly care about em - gah, gotta start taking care of 'em ._. lol, pretty sure soooon real soon your face would start glowing kalah bulan XD

  2. Are you me? My skincare routine involves Sun Block and yeah that's it. But I do wear lipbalm since now is winter and if I don't my lips going to get so dry that it'll bleed.

    its totally unrelated but I love your stories on wattpad :D

    1. Probably? Lol. Since the weather here doesn't required me hiks hm so it's fine. That is waaaaaaay so cold then if it makes your lips bleed. I can't even stand Malaysia's cold.

      Hahahahaha, man. Thanks a looooooooooot for spending your time on it to be honest! XD

  3. dress prefer dark black > yeah im black all the time i guess
    footwear prefer flat shoes
    sling bag
    makeup > one n only uv protection cream

    im juz being a lazy me all the time.. asal bahagia!

    1. **i mean im wearin black all 'he time. lol.

    2. hahahahahahahaha quoted "asal bahagia" hiks