[challenge] #17: a teacher I look up to

By faten.banana - January 22, 2017

When I was in school, I wasn’t the type that goes all friendly nor clingy over people including my teachers. But there is one person who I kinda grew attached to. It is my Physic teacher, the sifu of all when I was in Form 4 and 5.

Frankly speaking, Physics used to be my sleeping pills (Biology probably worsed – an anaesthesia, terus tidur mampus). In another words, I wasn’t into it. I really meant it, because back then I hate anything related to calculations. Used to. Now, we’re okay. In steady relationship with the three combos (Modern Math, Add Math and Accountancy) uh, uhm … until two years ago. Lol.


It all started with a self-conscious and a little guilty feeling over seeing a pregnant woman struggled to teach the whole (weird) almost problematic class. Being in multi-racial class, sometimes theres issue that we cannot avoid. No offense. I literally forced myself to pay attention despite ‘sumpah ai mengantuk u alls’ and things… suprisingly get better day by day. At some point, I’m finding myself enjoying all those little fascinating discoveries.

Like the simple, how can the stars look much smaller than it seems to be or how shortsightedness happens. 

Wait until electrics and wave comes into action. Duh, intriguing isn’t?

My action, (of forcing myself to listen) is for the sake of being respectful towards her. But I have grow special attachment for her, somehow. I did went to visit her once in a while after SPM, but now that my school wasn’t the school I used to study for almost four years (new teachers, new principle, etc) its kinda hard. If you know what I mean.

Dear teacher (tho I don’t mention your name for privacy purpose), 
Do know that I am grateful (tho I don’t ace in Physics lol) for giving me real exposure on how the world is. Physics turned to be so much exciting with a lot of discoveries (more to come). 

Sometimes, I even found myself googling over things for the sake of knowing how they actually works. Curiousity is not gonna kill you if the intentions is to gain more knowledge. Ilmu ni luas, calit setitik pun dah terasa macam besar dan banyak; belum dikira macam mana ilmu itu akan bagi kesan dekat manusia lagi. 

Fuh, AllahuAkbar. 
Indeed Allah is the greatest.

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  1. I used to hate physics too and we gossiping too much about our physic teacher, but then there is on practical teacher who was just nice and active in her teaching method. and voila fall in love again with physics. Its just a matter of math. :D

    1. Hahahaha practical teachers are usually active in teaching ._. we always have that one person who changed our perspective lol

  2. i think it's your good deeds eh? like berkat for wanting to respect her. just some small corrections, i think it was supposed to be "teacher i look up too", it didnt need to be past tense since you are obviously still look up to her. sorry for correcting you in public. you could just not publish my comment.

    1. Maybe? Hahahaha ._.

      It's okaaaaay and thanks a bunch I feel even more grateful that someone willing to correct my mistake hiks (peace yo)