[challenge] #10: Favorite Love Songs

By faten.banana - January 15, 2017


Frankly speaking, I listened to break up songs but hey break up is one of the process in loving someone. Aha, yep. This is mine;

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

No. I don’t even know who Lana Del Rey is. I first listened to this song from YouTube (of course!), sang by one of my favorite sing-tuber (lol); skyswirl for her finals in JYP x SOOMPI Rising Legends. I came to love that song and keep replaying it over and over ever since. Then, well you know – I somehow watched The Great Gatsby (lunatics over it frankly speaking) last year, Young and Beautiful is one the OSTs for the movie ._. and man when the song starts playing, the feelings came all rushing; popping veins of emotions in me. Duh. I love it. 


People who knows me long enough would know how this song basically rip my emotions. The longest on the list. The lyrics, sumpah, is very simple yet the melody is no joke. Guitar strummed on the first verse had almost get me choked. I wasn’t a big fan of HISTORY, really. But I enjoy this song the most out of many love songs produced by my favorite bands. They are one of the groups that basically have a really great side-track songs, beside BTS *cough*. I was head over heels for this song that I’m dying to know who’s the one producing it. I don’t know, still. I even considered to buy their album (no, I don’t buy any album).

Blue Moon by HISTORY is one of my favorite too! They were still considered as underrated group though I could say they really had great vocals (and weird personalities)

Emptiness by MADTOWN

I must have been charms by guitar strums, somehow. I wasn’t a big fan of MADTOWN too. I came across to their teaser  as at that time I was crazy over Jota while watching Neighborhood Physical Education Judo Edition and We Got Married (I’m sorry but they are so cute together). I fall hard over their second teaser /creys/ the guitar strums at the end had me really “I GOTTA LISTENED TO THE FULL SONGS NOW!” which is not happening until the next few days lah. I can’t break into J.TUNE :’) I love the songs, the full melody, the vocals part, the rapper’s part, the cinematography of the music videos. I even set the song as my morning alarm and grow no hatred yet. (I always come to hate my morning alarm no matter how much I love ‘em before) Emptiness is an exception, lol.

It’s weird, it’s probably my ears but I feels like the song in the music video sound slightly better compared to the album.

If You by BIG BANG

I DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS SONG EXIST UNTIL I WATCHED KING OF MASK SINGER. Jungkook of BTS sang this song and I just fall in love with the melody. The contestants in King of Masked Singer rarely sing latest songs – but Jungkook did so yeah I came to know this song. I even downloaded the clean version of this song sang by him. I love both, either sings by Big Bang or Jungkook. 

(Daesung of Big Bang's sounds really intense T_____T in If You)

Dear No One by Tori Kelly

Another contribution from Jungkook of BTS ._. He sang this song in one of the video I found in YouTube randomly few days ago. I searched for the song instantly (thanks goodness he mentioned the song’s name or else I’m lost). It’s been in my favorite playlist since. Among many songs I had grown fond to, this song speaks my feeling the best. 

I realized that one of the things that makes us like certain something may caused by how we can actually relate to that certain somethings.

No, I prefer you don’t read my feelings because ah-uh it’s embarrassing? 

Wohoo, it's been a really long day for me. Now, tell me - whats your favorite song? Come on, I love digging secrets.

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  1. you should listen to heart attack by demi lovato, that is my favourite love song hehe

  2. I'm really not into love songs. I prefer songs with deep meaning instead. Like Alessia Cara- Scars to your beautiful (getting sick of it already hahaha)/Four Pink Walls, Sia-Unstoppable/ Bird Set Free, Colbie Caillat-Try and Melanie Martinez-Mrs Potato Head. You should listen to all of 'em! hihi

    1. hahahahaha thanks for the suggestion, I'm downloading it right awaaaay XD

      I used to listen songs with deep meaning back then, pastu stress sebab I'm not good in controlling my emotions ._. Probably, a sign for me to start listening back to em Nowadays, I listen a lot to songs with heavy melody (paying attention to the producer instead ._.)