[challenge] #21: Inspiration, where does it comes from?

By faten.banana - January 24, 2017

It really depends on the things I want to work on at that particular moment.

#1 Writing

plenty story that not gonna work-on by themselves
I am that person, yeah – aha that one person who easily get swayed by pool of emotions when listening to song. Especially ones with heavy emotion carried in the melody. I write based on emotions, usually. The deeper the feeling I had for that particular song, the more immerse I am in writing one.

When writing a story, I usually avoid reading stories/novels because it will end up cutting off the link I have with the story. Ah, by the way have you listen to Sorry by Sungha Jung?

Well, you should. I think, Sorry was the starting point for me. Rythm/Melody catch my attention first, as a matter of fact, then lyrics. But still, when lyrics get way to ‘astray’, I would not listening to ‘em anymore.

Another one that works really well for me is by observing people, something that I do on my daily basis. Talk to people, or simply jotting down anything sounds cool out of people. 

#2 Study


This. One.


I usually looks for studyblr in Tumblr. To get envious over their (obviously) super productive day. To get a slap on the face for being lazy. Yeah, my kind of getting worked-up and start studying. Lol.

There’s time where I opt to read few pages I fancy in Rooftop Rant written by HLOVATE too, but that is when emotions get over me so hard that I cannot ‘move’. As you can see, I'm a bit introverted, though I want to casually say that I'm not. I'm ammbivert who are more inclined to the introverted side.  I kept things inside till I feel like bursting out, a ticker bomb. I have few people who willing to listen, but it just me.

#3 Life

I read. I get inspired easily by reading. Be it blog, books or people (not on daily occasion but its enjoyable, don’t you think so). I listen intently to people though I may look like I don’t really give any attention to ‘em. I just got that look, what can I say? Lol.

I recently read If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson and I kinda love how the pieces is beautifully written. The feelings, the word chosen to describe those emotion is just beautiful. I cried.

Sometimes, I wish I could comment without breaking any glass. Frankly speaking, when it comes to story writing, I might seem a little (hopefully) harsh in commenting because I basically spill what I feel like toward the story. I'm a bit worried with the thought that people might get demotivated when my purest intention only to help. 

In reality, sometimes people sighed when I start asking question lol. 

I'm sorry, I would not lose myself in the process, but I will try to be careful with the glass. 

Have a nice day :)

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  1. I suck at writing fiction T_T
    if I somehow manage to complete my stories, can I give it to you t read? *pleadingemojieyes*
    I don't mind harsh comments lol

    1. me too, at first lol

      you don't need those pleading emoji eyes because as long as you wouldn't mind getting a little harsh comment, everything can be kawtim hiks :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks kak Echa, looking forward for yours too!