072: of things I grow fond of these days

By faten.banana - January 05, 2020

No word, just no word. My food palate is seriously getting more and more interesting by days - yet I have no complaints. #BrocolliForLife

#People (in general lol)
You see, compared to the previous year - I am certain that I actually get involved with people a lot this year. I used to hate it, having people around. However, once I get to know people while letting certain kind of people get into my life - my perspective change. My attitude towards world change.

I no longer feel the 'uneasiness' whenever I have to communicate with people. A friend told me that I am actually friendly and easy to approach, well I guess I am good when it comes to masking feeling too.

throwback to the time when we decided to play tourist around Masjid Jamek
I would say, it is enlightenment. Lol, I do not know is it because I am getting older year by year hence I am feeling lethargic most of the time. Or, I am just tired in general even without doing anything that requires much physical strength.

#Warm Plain Water
I was miserably sick for the whole last week and I found out that I kinda crave for warm plain water. I keep having them without actually being forced to do so. 

A big achievement I must say.
Lol. I think I am constantly being fueled up with caffeinated drinks rather than plain water. I am the type that (pretend) need to have a sugary drink for at least once a day in order to be full. I rarely drink plain water because I simply hate the taste and well, just because. I guess, with this new habit - I would be able to shape my lifestyle into a healthier one too. 

usually... it's the other way around...
What about you guys?

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  2. The thing that i probably fond with these days are probably doing my best on work. It makes me appreciate my free time so much.

    1. When I was working, I had the same thought too!

  3. Been the fan of broccoli for years, so yeah, broccoli is life! Well, I am still half introvert, still not the friendly person that strangers would want to talk to but I'm actually quite chatty.. Hmm.. I should work on that...

    1. I guess, the right person and the right situation would make us eventually talk!