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By faten.banana - December 19, 2019


Today is Thursday and would be the last day for the lecture week of Semester 2, 2019/2020. I only have a class today which is at 5PM until 6PM, Introduction to Psychology – and I am officially done.

Lol nope, I still have to sit for three final papers next year.
It was rare for me to have a quite peaceful Week 14, I mean most of us are. Week 13 and Week 14 would be those weeks where everything is going to be pushed, stressed and pressured with not only assignments (usually months due but meh, what a student if you did not procrastinate even once), quizzes, decentralized final exams (which I have one for India under the Sultans and Mughals – I sit it last Friday btw) and what more assessments we could ever think of? Heh.

Me, taking my decentralized final for ‘India under the Sultan and Mughals’ is just a whole lot different story that I could never imagined I will ever experience. I took the exam an hour late due to clash with another decentralized test that suddenly change it times – and my professor said it would be fine if I come a little bit later. I sort it out, yes.

An hour into that India exam, something happened that makes me rather answer my final outside. Yes, in the hallway. I sit outside the class, and I was lucky (no?) as I can answer it by having a mineral box as a table. I fucking use a mineral box as a table and struggling to recall the answer I knew but would not come into my mind. I cried a little too. Lol, nothing new.

Long story short, I answered them in two hours while moving from:

Class 1 > Hallway (with mineral box!) > Class 2 (with post-grad students doing their presentation) > Finally, my professor’s office!

Would I ace the exam? I do not know, let us just pray A LOT.

I guess, after those thunderstorm – I deserved to have a peaceful Week 14 lol. I have two submissions on Monday but since I have finished it two weeks before (because I have nothing at all scheduled in those two weeks). I do not normally complain when it comes to group work until it really ticked me off. Friend or not friend. Heh, regardless I have met a few interesting souls and sides from old friends I have cherished that I would love to talk about more in the future!

And I guess that’s it –

Oh yeah, Ainur teman makan semalam and Nasyrah even treats me with a bomboloni yesterday on our weekly pasar-malam session and I feel like teared-up a bit. Overdramatic heh, but nowadays I kind a become a little bit emotional since acknowledging that I do have a number of people I actually am lucky to surround myself with.

May Allah bless us always, adios!

"Every sacrifice, every bit of energy that you dragged out of you every morning, even if all you managed to do was scratch the bare minimum, you are here today, you are graduating today, and I am proud of you."

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  1. You did well,all the best for the next one! Keep du'a <3

  2. Good luck for your final! Hope you'll have a better year on 2020!

  3. All the best for your exam, Faten.