How to Choose a Suitable Emcee for Your Event in Malaysia

By faten.banana - January 17, 2020

Finding a suitable emcee in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a key to the success of your event because they are the front-liners who will co-run your event with you. Choosing the right emcee that can fit your event is a very crucial process. You will have to consider many factors to ensure the emcee is suited enough for your event. 

These are the few factors that you should take note of :

Experience and track record
You will have to make sure that your emcee has had experience in this field before. In handling an audience, the emcee will need to have a specific set of skills and hiring a novice emcee is a risk as they may not be good at handling a large number of audience. An experienced emcee knows how to keep the event running even when there are any problems and can keep the audience engaged at all times. 

The number of emcee needed
Should you be considering two emcees to handle your event? The answer is yes! Two emcees can work hand in hand. For example, having two emcees with different personalities that can complement each other can handle your event better. Choosing two emcees however is a hard task as well because you will have to find the right combination and has the right chemistry on stage. Having your event in mind, be sure how you want your event to be and then decide whether or not you need more than one emcee. 

The gender of your emcee
We all know that a female or male emcee can bring a very different type of environment in your event. The gender of an emcee is a determining factor since they have very different personalities and capabilities. For instance, a male emcee could be better in handling an unsettled crowd and a female emcee can be more accommodating and persuasive in her speech. You might want to consider the gender of your emcee based on the type of audience you are having in your event. 

Language proficiency 
The emcee needs to be a master in the language that they are speaking. If your audience are from a multiracial background, the emcee might need to be proficient in more than one language such as Malay and English. If you have a very specific target audience like  Chinese people, the emcee will have to speak Mandarin fluently as the emcee is speaking their native language.  So language proficiency is important to get the audience to understand what your emcee is delivering. 

Multi-talented emcee 
Here’s the thing, an emcee is not someone who can only speak and deliver a message. They can also come in a package with various other talents. You can always have your emcee do an extra set of performance in your event. For example, incorporating talents like singing or a standup comedy when emceeing could be an advantage as it adds a different element in your event. 

So now that you know what to consider before choosing an emcee, the big question that follows is how will you find one for your event? 

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