520 Giveaway by Garaeki

By faten.banana - September 10, 2020

Assalammualaikum <3

First of all, congratulations to Garaeki (@ Leo) for reaching 520 followers (544, as I am writing this)! Celebrating with books some more uWu! Having followers, even one or two, feel like having one load of comrades that would accompany us #NotAlone.  I can't wait to have my own giveaway where I can give book for free too XD 

I do wonder if I would ever hit 500 tsk.


I have several books in my wish list at the moment lol (no surprise). Currently, I am trying to read more English novels written by Asian writers, specifically, ones from South-East Asian (SEA) region. I have been eyeing books by authors such as Hanna Alkaf, Kevin Kwan and Julya Oui. All of them recently release new works. But, one I have always wanted to read is Crazy Rich Asian series by Kevin Kwan. 

I went to watch the movie last year when it first comes out. Man, you can literally see my jaw dropping for every second of the movie :') If the movie can be that beautiful, I wonder how bewitching the novel itself - where we can use our own imagination to paint the image in our mind.

Tag: Zaa from La Vie Est Belle
Instagram: istudy_aya 

Special mention to Suraya from Surayooo for tagging me :)

Best of luck! :D

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