Campus Rambles | an eventful Week 3

By faten.banana - October 06, 2019


If you haven't noticed, I intend to make Campus Rambles as a series of updates documenting everything that happened along the week of my semester studies. The reason I decided to write about my daily events simply because I want to reminisce all those days I struggled through the storms and thunders. To remember that I survive them, I survive those turbulences that I thought would kill me.

Yet, they didn't.

I was quite confident I can commit my time for this small project, however as Week 3 approached - I could not find a proper time to write about it. Hence, the reason why I updated my Week 3 almost two weeks after. Hehe. 

"Blessed is the man who knows his own faults better than others know them." - Ibn Hazm

Green-A-Thon Challenge 2019

I worked under the Promotion and Publication bureau. For the first time, I actually show my mediocre video editing skills as well as website making lol.I was pressured to finish them within a very short time - however, I learnt how effective it is when we have a line of higher-ups that acknowledge our struggles, and took their time to willingly guides and comforts us too

I had to design a website from scratch (not really hehe I used Wix lol)  within three days, in the middle of busy assignments/submissions weeks last short semester.

Plus, I was among the three that did not belong from Biochemical Department; we are not even from the hard sciences. That literally explains why I keep on getting lost in their department. Lol.

[KADFEST'19] Unplugged 3.0 
(with Hilal Asyraf and Ayesha Shahira)

In IIUM, KADFEST can be considered as one of the biggest events, the most awaited one because during this week there would be a series of events. Be it talks, comedy house, concerts, conference. I participated as a committee along with other my closes friends here. However, we somehow ended in different sub-events and bureau lol. 

I was the Assistant Promotion for this one. One thing I learnt from this event when it comes to the administration is that by creating a happy working environment - it would create a better and productive result. My Programme Manager is one of the best functional people I have ever met and I inspire to be like her. Dia cool je kot despite the pressure.

"Let go and let God."

I never read any of Ayesha Shahira (she is the writer for Being The Qur'an Tag Girl) nor Hilal Aysraf's huge collection of writings. Turns out, both of them are da-bomb! No wonder they have their very own followers. I wish I could write more about what I have learnt from their talks - I guess, I will but later.

On top of these events, where I worked as a committee. I also managed to fit in another three events where I attended as a participant. 

[KAEDFEST'19] Stage of Unity (with Ustaz Ad-Dien and PU Azman)
Full house! I knew both of them as someone who speaks about the deen using the unconventional ways - the social media, acting (PU Azman was in Sweet Dreams). I learnt in order to attain and achieve something, we do not always need to follow the route where everyone is using. As long as it did not go against the deen (religion), just do. 

"Kembali kepada agama; dengan belajar." 

"Kerana siapa yang mencari sejarah, maka dia mencari hakikat dirinya sendiri."

[KAEDFEST'19] Comedy House (with Saiful Apek and Abam Bochey)
I had so much fun here XD Saiful Apek sang Aspalela for the sake of old-time and I was beyond happy! I grow up with Senario! I watched a lot of their movies. Plus, I need something to cheer up my week lol. It was abrupt decision lol, after I went to Stage of Unity, I decided to get the ticket for Comedy House too.

I have no regret.

[Reviver X Aqsa Friends Society] Legacy of Khulafa: Abu Bakar As-Siddiq (by Ustadh Sarif Al-Arabi)
Should I say I am a huge fan of Al-Aqsa Friends Society's lectures events?! 

I was not able to attend any of their lecture series last semester and I was devastated. I love coming to their lecture series because they always bring incredible speakers along with interesting topics. In addition, I am trying to retrace my long-abandoned (or non-existent) memories and knowledge about the seerah/figures in Islam.

Random question:

What is the meaning behind your name? Do you think you are living up to the meaning lying behind it?

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  1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, hehehe. And yeah, I think your "Campus Rambles" would be a good reflective practice and you expose me to new stuff as well. Look forward to reading more of it in the future!

    The meaning behind my name is "Teman Kerinduanku" hahaha. Not sure if I live up to it but I'm trying my best hehe :3

    1. Trueeeeeeee! I always feel like dying when I am jaded in problems, yet I managed to jazz through them hehehe. Thanks for the words! I will try to!

      "Teman Kerinduanku" is poetic and romantic! Beautiful!

  2. Wishing you all the best in everything faten!

    Hahahaha, thank you! <3 <3

  3. You looked like you had a hectic week lol.

    My name is Nurul and I was supposed to bring radiant to people I guess and I don't think I'm doing a good job as one T_T

    1. Somehow, hehehe I will retire after this XD

      Hey, your entries do bring radiant to people! I always look forward for it though I rarely left comment xx

  4. I like to read your 'campus rambles' because I get to learn new stuff every time I read it.

    My name means light/radiant, generous, brave, clean and innocent but I'm not even close to being brave, innocent, and radiant. But I have to admit that I am pretty generous and clean hahaha

    1. Thanks God it did, Alhamdulillah even though it is more to my reflections at the end of the week.

      I'm pretty sure our names somehow do shapes our character (somehow somehow) - after all, its a du'a!