Campus Rambles | Week 2 and a train of thoughts

By faten.banana - September 23, 2019


The haze is getting super bad lately. It has decided to cling to me as a continuous painful cough and a rise in temperature as the sun laying to sleep. My classes even got cancelled last Thursday as the Air Pollution Index (API) in Gombak is getting way more than 200. That left me with only two days of classes. 

I was scrolling my Facebook (Yes, I'm still using it.) to which I stumble into a post advertising on a discussion session happening this Wednesday. It was not something unusual; book discussions, open mic sessions are not peculiar in any universities I bet.
But looking at the list of speakers, a sudden nudge felt so sharp than ever. I knew one of them as I worked closely with that person for an event - man, that person always makes me inspired to explore the world more. To do more in my life rather than following an 'ideal' timeline constructed by people. George Orwell's Animal Farm could be that person childhood story and I won't argue.

'You do you' they said. However, my growing concern is that:

What exactly did we do with our 20s? 

Is it enough, to be where we are 'supposed' to be? Just because everyone else is doing it. I mean, other than reading my course - what else did I do to path my existence along my youth. What is the purpose of us - studying? Have we contributed something to the place we are studying, to the society, the people, the environments, our country, our religion?


What exactly have we done with our life?
Is it enough to be just - alive?

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  1. Interesting question. Looking back, I have no idea on what I have done throughout my years living. Everything feels like a blur.

    1. I somehow found the answer? Lol, somehow somehow. I hope you find yours too! The best thing we could do is to make our life, 'alive' :)

  2. i'm 26 and i don't have any clue. at one point everything just feel hopeless? at last i just decide to do everything i like but more. i try to write more, have fun more, get out more, watch more movies and just live day by day. all those mundane things matters too.

    1. Legit, I kinda forgot that those things we do in our everyday life is no less than important too!

  3. I guess to just live just bcs we're still alive would be kinda pointless? Might as well enjoy it to the fullest with my favourite people and do things that that I love the most hehe. Take care faten, wishing you the best of health! :3

  4. I have to admit, so far I couldn't recall anything significant that I ever did or contribute other than kederat diri sendiri taking care of my sick parents. Diri sendiri pun tak terjaga so this calls it, I need to be better for myself, my family and the society.

    Anynway, I hope the haze in Gombak died down a little. The air is almost clear in Seri Kembangan, tbh it's been raining the whole week and I am grateful for it.

    1. I think we did do sth; as simple as throwing the rubbish inside its rightful place? Hehe, those are small but matters.

      I am grateful when it rains! It's cold but it helps in clearing the sky a bit!