Campus Rambles | The Unpredictable Week 4

By faten.banana - October 22, 2019


It's Week 7 already and I have been meaning to find the right time (more like a good time) where I can pen this down because Week 4 would mark something that I never thought I will ever do. Regardless, let's start from the less important thing. I do not have anything schedule for Week 4 actually other than IRKHS CUP 2019 - a two weeks football league.

Keyword: 'schedule'

Somehow, somehow - I end up helping a friend's mom for her office collaboration program with the Oman delegates in IIUM. It was a conference, a two days conference on top of that. I was supposed to usher the presenters and VIPs to the Senate Hall, where the conference will take place.
Yet, I end up terjun as the one in charge at the Registration Table. There this one scholar who came up to me and jokingly asked, in Arabic, to which I can loosely translate it to:

"Do you want me to speak Arabic, Persian, or Urdu?"

And my dumb non-existent Arabic speaking skills go into:

"Uhm, but I only speak English?"

It was all good and fun! I had to pay close attention to every single person that comes ranging from VIPs, presenters, public or student participants, and the organizer. I had to be quick-witted in answering all the question regarding the conference even though I literally have to depend on the organizer :') 

I remember this one presenter who speaks in a mix of Indonesia-Kelantan-Kedah Malays helped me in translating for a few participants that could not speak in English :) He speaks fluent Arabic of course.

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I dropped a subject from my minoring course. I was literally suffering for almost four weeks every time I get into the class. I feel dull. I find no more spark to embrace me into the dungeon of seeking knowledge for that particular subject. I tried, but it just did not work the way I wish it would. But the switch that cut off everything is - I just cannot stand the pressure of being simultaneously triggered by the overwhelming tensions and frustration.

A number of my friends were quite shocked by my decision - because I am the most unlikely to make that kind of decision. I am a fighter for a crazy i-am-not-going-to-do-that-thing, I love challenges. The crazier the lecturer, the crazier I would be lol. But, after considering how anxiously I am for every class - I decided to forfeit myself from that battle with the lamest reason I could ever think of:

"I have decided that this course is not within my circle of interest which is the South and Southeast region of Asia."


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  1. It was funny that you can reply to the scholar when he said it in Arabic lol

    1. hahahaha the exact reaction from the people who literally surrounded us lol

  2. that indeed a wise decision. that seems like a fun experience and i never thought being witty is in the picture lol.

    1. I feel defeated yet it last for two days lol and I'm back to normal XD

      Yes, I had few experience being in the front line for registration; being witty is totally something that you will need :'D