[challenge] #3: satisfy your crave

By faten.banana - December 27, 2016


I am supposed to submit an entry yesterday but life caught me somehow. Besides, I do not know how am I supposed to write this one. To be frank, I don’t dine out frequently as much as love going out (on tight budget, mind me.) Even though I go outing almost every week (in the name of relieving stress gais) I only end up spending hours touring the bookstores and window-shopping on things I cannot buy.

Uh-uh. So Faten isn't?

Move on (finally) one of the best restaurants I would recommend hence the main subject of this entry is ... *fake drum rolls please*

Noodle Station

I wasn’t a big fan of any noodle dishes actually. It does not makes me full lol. I rather eat bread/pastries which satisfy my hunger better. Noodle just that-no-uh. However, one of my roomates successfully drag us to accompany her to Noodle Station last year. Well, she basically sogok us with the “Portion dia besar weih!”, “Sedap gila pulak tu!”, “Kalau kau taknak makan mee, nasi pun ada!” last but not least “Harga dia affordable!” and she wins. Noodle Station probably need to hire her as their ambassador per the effectiveness toward us lol.

She speaks the truth anyway so it doesn’t matter.
Springy noodle with fish ball and
fried chicken wan tan (RM13.67)

Noodle Station has a wide-range of noodles (where ya think the name is) and western cuisine. The portion is large enough to tame the monster in me and that's all I need. I did try their Chicken Chop once and it is good. 

I'm not a fussy eater, whatever being served to me is a pass as long as it makes me full. Happy tummy, happy me~

The Noodle Station in MidValley which I usually frequent if I ache for a heavier meal is quite secluded unless you usually went to the cinema. The restaurant is located at T-042A, the third floor, not that far (I really meant it) from the escalator towards the cinema.

If you enjoy noodles, well, Noodle Station might be the best one for you! Hiks.

Till the next post :D

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  1. Banyak ke weih? Gosh i alrdy drolling ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. banyaaaaaak, and man kalau kau suka pedas - THIS IS THE PLACE!

  2. noodle station ni sama mcm boat noodle ke ?

    1. boat noodle ni kira 'anak-anak ikan' kalau compare dgn Noodle Station XD

      noodles dia pun ada mcm-mcm jenis (dgn portion obviously :')) springy noodles for example, macam maggi bentuk dia XDD