039: an update

By faten.banana - December 19, 2016


After probably two months of holiday, spent by laying at home while doing nothing aside from the normal house chores, hours of reading and watching movies, to be bored of the routine is a yes.

I am going to register for my degree programme in January 2017, another one month to spent (wisely) before gasping breath in the midst of works. It might be crazy, but I start to miss my university life tsk. But heck you all know - it just a temporary feeling because once you get back being busy; cuti is all you wish for. I mean you can't escape from 'can everyday be cuti from all those assignment and stuff' thought isn't? Learning is fun, no kidding but having to be assessed (more assignment!) - that is when all the mess start with. 

Ok no, I love exam. Who doesn't?

And, it's been ages since I last travel by train. I mean, the train, not Komuter, LRT or the latest MRT lol but its the all the way back version of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad which used to be with no air-cond tehee. In Kelantan, it is actually common for the person to travel by train. Even on the daily basis, the train station is filled by citizens around the area who wish to travel or simply go shopping to other part of Kelantan lol. However, the train station would be really crowded by students  who live in a boarding school specifically on Thursay and Saturday. The students usually goes back and forth from school and their house once a week/fortnight. 

One thing that did suprise me the first time I came to Kelantan is the number of sekolah berasrama harian around here. Even my school is Sekolah Berasrama Harian with almost 2000 Form 1 up to Form 6 students.

Back to the topic, I went to Tanah Merah few weeks ago to settle down the Entrance Fee at Bank Muamalat (the nearest I could ago aside from KB) Beside, the distance between the train station and the bank is only a stone's throw away, I can manage! I love walking. I even make Zainab, my roomate, walks from my uni to the shopping mall for  20 minutes (sampai habis sem aku kena bahan sobs)

It is pleasing to change the view once in a while. I have been spending too much time in the house, not able to go out. Breath in new environment without having to spent a single worry is a blessed :)


p/s: the train is so on-time I almost cried. I wish it is like this in KL lol.

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