038: have you done enough?

By faten.banana - December 16, 2016

I have been feeling stressed out for the past few weeks. Worst, I don't even feels like talking to anyone about it because building a cave for you to hide is much better. The thing about hiding is, once you found comfort in those darkness its hard to reach the outside world again. Either because the bright sunlight give out the burning sensation which scares you out or it just you... attached to the solace found in the cave.

"Have you done enough?" is basically the question that had always been the source of my tangled mess. You see, I had always been forcing myself to express better - grab everything serves on your plates because you had no idea when the chances would come again. However, I keep wanting for more, something that beyond my reach, even those serves exclusively on others plate, not mine. It's normal to feel awful yet I want to upgrade myself. 

Around that time, I am genuinely grateful for all small conversations yet warms wishes (or confessions?) from friends and strangers. The "hey" message I received instantly because I accidentally pour my true feeling via social media, the "you inspired me" or simply few comments posted on my writings really made my day. You had no idea how over the moon I feels like? Eventhough I wasn't the right person if you're asking for writing tips...............

It is hard to make time once you get busy, but still, nothing changes. Remember, time does not equal to love. More time spent does not mean that they love you more. Well, sometimes I guess. I seriously don't know. (Lady in messed here by the way?) I would not argue that of course, I will feel on cloud nine if they do willingly spent a part of their time with me heh. It is the matter of heart after all.

May Allah blesses your days (and ahead) :D

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