[challenge] #1: digging about me

By faten.banana - December 24, 2016


#1 Fatin Azira

Is basically the names I used both in blogging and the real world (read: its my real name lol) I prefer people calling me Faten rather than Azira because that is how it usually is. There is certain occasion where certain people opt to more heart-flattering way of calling my name. 

Using my full name in conversation, obviously. 
Lol, I'm weird. Sorry.

#2 20 (in 2017)

I have been feeling quite glum for the past few weeks and I guess one of the reasons is because of me hitting the next digit, the twenty. I overthink almost everyday, however leaving the teen-years makes the habit worse. It was the same feeling pouring when I was in Form 1, leaving the primary huha huha club lol.

But love and life goes on, gotta make a nice picturisque drawing of it!

#3 Loves


1. Books - I love books and the course I am pursuing right now begging me to read books, a lot, ranging from short american literature all the way to sonnet (poetry btw)
2- Bangtan - I can't resist the need to include my love interest too lol :') 
3- Flowers - I wasn't a big flower enthusiast, but I love them. The colors especially.
4- The Sea - As I mention previously on my other entry, I love everything about the sea. It makes me think harder yet at the same time soothe me.
5- Coffee    - which I tried to cut down a little bit right now because I don't like the fact that I am addicted to it. I used to drink 3 up to 5 cups a day which totally bad. I know, I repent now. 
6- Building - Ipoh is bae, the place where I realize the loves in me towards them.
7- Walking - Maybe because I can't drive? Lol. I usually enjoy walking to go anywhere and it totally fine even without any company.

#4 Hates

When I dislike certain things, it shows on my face. I used to draw a distinct line between the things that I like and hate. However, the line kind a get blurred out nowadays. I tried to appreciate and understand those so-called hate habits led to it. Of course, action that is undeniably wrong is wrong. 

Orange is not black, that in particular is a fact. But for me, finding the reason might help me from being too judgmental. 

#5 Things People (might lol) Don't Know About Me

+ I used to write stories and design poster to let out emotions but nowadays I tried to contemplate more while writing one. I even have my writing log which I tried to jot down any inspiration I have before proceeds.

+ I can only handle mild spiciness in any dishes but the spicier the meal is, the more it makes me feels like eating it. Which. I. Cannot. Duh. 
me : *done talking in Kelantanese on phone with my Ibu*
xx  :  kecek kelate sikit punya lembut, cakap standard terus kasar.
me : *sepak kerusi*
+ I used Kelantanese dialect only to certain people since I'm not that good. Instead, standard bm mode on when I talk in daily basis.
+ If goldfish is associated with three second memory span myth, I can be related with having a short interest span. Lol. I get boring easily, unless I force myself to be interested in whatever it is.

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  1. Nampak disitu mingyu sangat comel namate ._.

  2. I couldn't lie because I wear my emotions on the sleeve. And glad to meet another book worm :) Do some reviews please

    Nurul Rasya's blog

    1. me too! c: (aside from being uneasy)

      hi, bookworm-mate! I would, only if I did find a way to write a good one (soon hopefully) XD

  3. it's common kan for us to use our favourite name (if there two syllabus) rather than the other

    1. yep, probably to add a sense of realism in this virtual lifeuuuuu ;-; lol jk

  4. this is going to sound bit creepy, but of all the seven things you, like ipoh buildings are so bae ok, i actually liked all of those too. even though i'm not really into kpop, my sisters are crazy with bts and their song were actually quite lit. so, it kinda count lah kann.

    except for walking kot, this is malaysia and i have my lil old scooter.

    1. it does lol for a few second before it registered! Hiks, its good to know that we share similar things!