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By faten.banana - July 30, 2023

Assalammualaikum and hello fellas,

It's been a while—as usual.

My laptop broke down a few days after I updated my last entry. Long story short, I decided to get a Macbook Air after almost a month of contemplating whether I should go for it or not. Even before my laptop broke down, I have been considering a Macbook due to my job's nature ._. (I do editing using Illustrator as well as video editing). But I refuse to buy a new one since my laptop is still strong even after five years. Occasional freezes and crashes were something I am willing to endure at that time, rather than spend RM3K+ for a laptop.

Welp, it took one single act of not closing my room's window properly—and there goes my laptop. Basah, due to the heavy rain. Luckily, nothing happened to my external monitor. I have another laptop given by my company which obviously I brought to work :') but it's not powerful enough. It does get my job done though.

And that's how I finally end up with a Macbook Air. 

I LOVE IT. Probably my best purchase for this year ._.

That aside, I have been trying to read a lot these days. But it is quite hard considering how I am easily drained right after working hours. I just want to go back home, and sleep. I do wish I would be able to do a lot of things just like others. But, I simply have no energy. It's not like I have to move bricks pun during working hours. I really wonder how people work really hard in the daylight and continue working out at night -- coz this person just cannot ._,

Maybe I should wake up early and get things done in the morning instead. Kan

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  1. Same :'D When I watch those vlogs on YouTube where people are so productive, it makes me wonder where they get the motivation to do so many things in one day. I can't even get something done in a day; it always gets postponed. I wish I could fight procrastination. sob Thankfully, I'm on a semester holiday, so I don't really feel guilty. But it's okay! We can slowly try to change our habits. Change doesn't take place in 1 day, right? You got this!

    1. I totally agree with you! I guess, we have both the most productive days and those days where we don't feel like moving at all :')

      And that's okay.

  2. Congrats on getting yourself a new Macbook Air! 🥳 And I can definitely relate about being too tired to do anything else after work. That takes a whole lot of other stamina to do. 💪 I find that putting on soft music in the background or ambience videos help to set the mood

    1. Hehe thanks! :)

      I think I tried that before, but I end up on my bed instead :p Really need to figure out what's gonna work the best for me hehe