073: embracing changes

By faten.banana - February 23, 2020

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I normally dislike changes. I found doing something out of my usual plate as discomforting. I like challenges, but there are times I would rather sit down and have my regular menu, my typical song out on that stereo. A peaceful day with no worries, I reckon. 

Oh, when I said 'there are times', I literally mean 95 out of 100 lol.

A few days ago, I came across a Japanese drama (that I binge-watching for a whole day) called 'I Do Not Love You Yet'. I was introduced to the idea of trying out a new or bizarre thing that we normally would not do each day is not a bad idea at all. It is one of the things that struck me the most in that drama, somehow. You would be surprised how that small changes could make your day feels different than usual :) 

The character did try ordering a honey-ginger latte instead of her normal on-the-go coffee. The heroine changed her hairstyle for a day by trying out a wig lol (and she actually looks good in that). I did somehow being influenced by that idea. Lol. I changed the way I styled my shawl (and I do not normally wear a shawl #TeamBawal) when I went out alone two days ago. I even sit at the back of the bus (forced to actually), a sit that I usually avoid because I have motion sickness. Back or middle seat is the seat that I have to avoid in order to evade inconvenience. 

But I turned out okay? 

I never thought how these small changes could actually strike differently to my entire day. I have no expectation, really. Because, it just a small thing that I doubt people would notice. Like me trying out brighter shoes because my usual attire has been quite on the darker side of the universe these past few months. I tried donning loose shawl which I have been dreading to try (no worries still Islamic compliance lol), even though it is such a hassle when I have to take it off and took more than 15 minutes to  wear it back. Not to mention the struggle of keeping it neat while not showing my double chin :'))

I like it, regardless.

Photo by Dina Nasyrova on Unsplash
At the end of the day, do whatever that makes you happy as long as it did not go against what God has set the bound for us. Changes required us to be braver than usual. Or maybe more than we ever expected. We have to be willing to give something in exchange for something, that's the unspoken rule of life. We may or may not like the outcomes, but the most important thing is that we managed to taste the different palate of the world.

The world does not always remain between coffee or orange juice, ya know?

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  1. LUV THIS. i might try to change one and two of my habits la lepas ni hehe. good job, dear

  2. i like how you liked your changes. i should really give this a go. life's been dull though so im not exactly sure what new things to incorporates.


  3. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone - Zher, Hitz.fm :D

    I wear both bawal and shawl, ikut mood dan acara of the day :)

    Btw, jemput join my contest... pretty please? :"D


    1. I wore both, tapi lagi selesa pakai bawal hehehe

  4. I know, bukan saja2 Allah gerakkan hati baca blog ni. Love love love this! ♥

    1. Thanks a lot, may it benefit you long way! :D

  5. New header look good!

    It really hard for me to make a small change because I'm a rigid routine follower lol
    anyway, #teamshawl

  6. i'm #TeamShawl, i can't even remember when was the last time i wear bawal. probably during highschool hahah. i'm still not confident enough to wear it again because i know that my face will look sooo bulat. but reading your post made me realize that it's okay to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. love it. anyway, stay happy! :) xx