Campus Rambles | Unlocking achievement in Week 5

By faten.banana - November 02, 2019


After almost a month and a half frantically try to juggle between my studies and societies' programmes - I finally have the time to recompose my state of mind. I mean, no offence - being busy is all fun if we managed to properly arrange our life, there are a lot of commitments that need our equal attention. Even though I may look busy with all the programmes and etc., but I would say, this is just the period where I go crazy.

When I go crazy, I go really crazy.
And then when I decided to stop, there is no turning back. Hence the reason why I no longer do any Photoshop. Heck, its been ages since the last time I open that software. #PrayForMe

Now that we arrived at this topic, it made me realize how I treat my food-craze the same too. For instance, once I fall in love (I still do though <3) with ikan keli goreng sambal, nasi putih and three pieces (?) of lettuce, I would not mind eating them every single time up to two weeks. I still do, by the way. #DeadlyLoveIKnow

For this week, I literally embark on a journey as I finally decided to work as a part-timer. I had to attend an interview on 10/10 (wow that's on Week 5 actually). I was asking for another mere position, but somehow the employer insists on giving me a place as office-worker at her insurance company and I was like... uhm? I do not think I can manage that as my first job regardless of anything is to put my education first at this moment. I try insisting on the prior position instead of that office-position since they do in need of staff to take care of the boutique. She said she wanted to give me a position but she needs to think which position would be the best for me.

And I just went back to my uni after having Fillet-O-Fish and Caramel Sundae lol. After all, I have the Annual Grand Meeting for Students' Representative Council Session 2018/2019 to which I (who merely a subcommittee had to attend). The next day, after deep thinking, I decided to withdraw my application. I do, of course, in need of money yet I want to fully utilize my time as a student to do things that would be beneficial to me in terms of registering experiences and harvesting knowledge. I mean, it came across to me before I attend the interview - once I start my part-time working, it would be hard for me to attend those programmes I love the most. Some people managed to juggle with all these things, but excuse my poor self :')

You guys are champion!

Is there anything you recently managed to cross from your bucket list?
ps: I still trying to update accordingly lol currently I am in my semester break (Week 7 will later follow) 

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  1. Visiting Jogja was on my bucket list and I scratched it off early October, yeay me!
    Anyway, in my opinion, it's best to not risk your study time with part-time job if you're not that struggle financially. Enjoy yourself as a student first because you'll miss em once you finish your studies.

    1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, that's cool! Indonesia is in my bucket list too because of the historical monuments!

      Frankly, yes I have to agree with that :) But I guess, a part of me want to have my very own money lol ei taksabar ngat nak duit sendiri

  2. It has been ages since I open my Photoshop too lol. Good luck for your study and curricular activities! I don't have any bucket list to cross except for driving alone! Pray for me xxx

  3. I like the fact that you use registering experiences and harvesting knowledge as your words choices.

    Uni life hectic TT All the best ray!