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By faten.banana - November 16, 2019


I did not go home during the mid-semester break; something that I always do. I was working for three days out of that one-week period around TTDI for race kit distributions and earned quite enough for me to last a fortnight. Alhamdulillah for the unexpected rezekiAnd I also met a number of beautiful souls out there.

A day after, I caught quite severe sore-throat to the extend I could not speak. I keep on waking in the middle of the night, feeling nausea and stuffed. Allah knows how painful it was. Itchiness some more due to apparently, an allergic I started to develop (or probably noticed?) 

I skip two classes if I'm not mistaken last week because … I just want to have a proper rest. Something that you would not see me doing if I you meet me last year. Lol. I was a firm believer that we need to attend the class as long as we can walk to get there - it is a part of our responsibilities, we paid thousands to attend the classes per semester.

But, taking a good care of ourselves is a part of our responsibilities too. Lol.

I have two mid-semester examinations that follows after the break. Hard is understatement :') Regardless, I managed to answer with an open arms (read: there's a lot of goreng-goreng taking place ay) Despite, everything that happened - I was pretty much okay until my laptop which I have been using ever since my foundation years, bought with my first allowance, broke down.


It pulls the trigger; without realizing I was on the floor in the dark room, curtains down, crying in front of my laptop with messy hairs at 10 am because I just woke up. I tried to pull myself, calm down and think of a solution but I just could not. The feeling just hit me like a truck, and I have no control about that. Perhaps, I really want to cry and apparently I have found a great reason to do so! I never thought I could ever cried that way. I cried to the extend that I could not even enunciates word properly. It was just so not me on many levels.

I have to say this, issues relateing to money has always been a challenge I need to deal with. Having to deal with money, scares the heck of me. The laptop have been acting since last year. Bet you, I have spent almost RM500+ fixing everything, hoping it would last at the very least until I graduated. Yet, he has give up on me. By no means, me neither. End of story, I managed to secure a new laptop for a cheap price, with the help from my grandma.

With all these things that happened in these two weeks after mid-semester break, I learnt a lot. There is a long list of things I am grateful for I could never finish compiling. Count your blessings, they say. Allah would help, regardless. Allah SWT knows the best for Us. Do not forget to be thankful, to be grateful. 

Post mid semester break going to tear us up at one point. Makes duas a lot, Inn Shaa Allah - with all those hardships we will be granted with a beautiful reward. Remembers - Allah does not only work in a visible way. Allah SWT is also subtle in every moves. 

May Allah ease everything!

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  1. You've had it hard. may everything go well for you and may Allah ease everything for you.