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By faten.banana - June 10, 2019

Assalammualaikum and greetings!

I do not spend much time on YouTube actually. But when I do, it is usually because of these few channels. Whenever there is a notification comes sliding on my phone if I do not have anything important (like really really important) I would instantaneously hit the play button. 

Thinker Studio

I used to have a very bad impression to Thinker Studio due to Motif Viral, a show produced by them aired on Astro Ria. If you watched it, you might understand why. But my view changed after I watched one of their digital content where two of the Motif Viral’s hosts, Hazeman Huzair and Syafa, were talking about an issue. I instantly believe that they are a bunch of genius. Plus, I fancy how they managed to articulate their ideas in front of the camera – something that I would not be able to do lol.

For someone who read Language as a major, broadcasting is actually one of the career options most people from my course would opt to. I actually learn a lot from Life @ Thinkers, even though it only shows a glimpse of their environment.
My favourite series from this channel would be:
  1. Life At Thinkers
  2. Sembang Urat Putus (SUP!)
  3. Intern At Thinkers 

Playlist Global

I love most of their series a lot. I even make a separate post before talking about few of the series featuring in the YouTube Channel. Their 10 minutes episodes are so good compared to other web-drama that I usually am not a big fan of. I hate feeling all emotional and suddenly got cut off in the middle of it. Furthermore, I do not have much time to watch a good one-hour long drama anymore heh.

My favourite would always be their earlier produced series, Love Playlist Season 1 and 2. Season 4 is coming :')))

I just adore their works a lot <3

Oh No Nina | Nina Yu

I love watching ‘study-with-me’ videos on YouTube and Nina <3 It gives me motivational-boost in a way that is hard to explain. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley and her Graduation video is just so beautiful!

Jack Edwards

I stumble upon Jack’s channel when I was having a mental breakdown last year about my major. Lol, I am like this – when I hit the second year of my degree, things start getting tougher than ever, so I need an external catalyst.

He is one of the Youtuber that I know doing English Literature, and watching his videos made me feel more motivated from being side-tracked. I am the type that gains energy seeing people working hard, yes – I even cried sometimes :p


As for now, I am crazy over ATEEZ lol. I love their songs, I love their talents, I love their dorkiness, I love them. Heh. I keep watching their Logbook Series that is uploaded with subtitles. Something different compared to other KPop groups’ official YouTube. They have their own subbing team that makes me easier to understand whatever stupid things they are saying and laugh with reasons!

ps: They will be having their comeback today!

Ted Talk

There is a time when I just want to watch and listen to something factual and dry – I would go to either Ted Talk or The School of Thought. In addition, they have some playlist that talks about Linguistics (which is used by my lecturer who taught me Psycholinguistics last two semester). Aku taktahu nak jelaskan macam mana - yang pastinya, ada masa yang bila mana aku akan tetiba rasa nak tengok benda yang dry macam dokumentari --'

It is a good platform if you are the type who would rather listen/watch a video to know something rather than hitting a book/article.

Crash Course

One of my references ever since my PMR’s period as I do not go for tuition. The only alternative I have is by watching videos on YouTube. Currently, I mainly watched their English Literature, World History 1 & 2 just to jog some ideas before I hit the class.

Colourful. Cute. Concise!

If I have to emphasize how much I love short 10 minutes video… hehe.

Do you have any favourite channel you want the world to know?

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  1. blimey, jolly, koreaenglishman and my faaaaaaav khan academic.

    oh my the way, AWAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAK CAKAP SUKA ATEENZ jkdhjfhdskjhfjksdhkjfhs

    1. heh dahlama taktengok blimey 🙆 EI I THOUGHT I DIDDDDDDDD!

  2. Of course videos from Blimey ! I also subscribe the Playlist Global haha well kaki drama jugak saya, then channel The Boyz because the reason is the same with Ateez, senang faham & cepat ada subtitle

    1. Ahhhhh lupa Thr Boyz pun samaaaa! I have been neglecting them lol lepas No Air dah tak follow :') sekarang dah rindu Sunwoo balik


  3. I never really had any preferences but I did watch a few of the channels you shared. I made a channel for myself too. feel free to subscribe. even though there's not much content but I'm working on it hehe