Case 8 | 2021, a year in review

By faten.banana - January 07, 2022

Sometimes, life settled in when you let go  | ... and let God. I was at the lowest point of my life a few times this year. Most of the time, it is because I tried to exert dominance over how it should have gone rather than letting the supreme power handles them. You know, sometimes we forget. Even as we remembered, it is not easy to translate them into action.

Take everything good you can learn from a person, no matter how bad they are | When it comes to the moral compass, each person evaluate another person differently. My moral compass and your moral compass might be different. The thin line between those two, perhaps only representing the common sense we always share. 

In 2021, I have learnt that there is always something I can take a credit from and adapt them in my life. It could be their fiery passion, attention to details, or even how they treat their day-to-day life. 

Shift your position once in a while even though you are looking at the same thing | Looking at things from different angle let us understand the depth of that particular thing. Sometimes, we would feel that some things are unnecessary, however, if you look at them again - it will help you understand more.

Be good to people even if they throw shit at you | Honestly, I just do not want to waste my time entertaining shit :) And the only thing I would usually do is just - ignore them. Aku ni terlalu banyak dosa untuk tambah dosa by being bad to people. Lol.

One thing I keep in mind: I can handle dissapointment, but regret is not something I want to deal with. So, be good even if it is only to make yourself feel good.

You can be horrible at things you love | I do not know who creates the rule that you have to excel at things that you love. I can still get a C+ for a subject that I love, and A+ at subject that I hate. And the feeling will remain that way.

You do not have to feel bad either way. But always--always strive for the best.

In 2021, I discover that corporate writing might not be for me, though I love writing. It takes time to learn, and I still finding difficulties to work around it. But now that I left for good, I might take a class or something to properly learn about them.

Now, now, do I have a commitment issue then? Lol.

Life is better with friends | I do not how to keep ties with people. But luckily, I met a number of people that willing to go extra miles contacting me once in awhile asking me how my first day at work, how am I in general, reminding me that I should not stress too much and take care of my back. You know, stuff.

My closest friends know how bad I am when it comes to contacting them. I usually will just update my Instagram/WhatsApp stories to let them know I am still alive and going through life lol. Bet they did not know that :') I find contacting and updating them one by one can be awkward. Why would you update your life to people personally? I know

It has always been something kicking in my mind - how am I supposed to do this? Coz whenever I unconsciously told them about what I have been doing for awhile, my friends would be - "Eh sampai hati takbagitahu?" / "Eh bila masa kau XX?". Finding the line between wanting to let them know, and not oversharing is just difficult for me =.=' At last, I just do whatever I feel like. Penat nak read too much into the picture.

You do you | Be good at things you want. Reject shit if you feel like not entertaining them. Do whatever that (you think) will help boosting your morale. Be damn good so that no one have the audacity to questions your work but consider criticism given by others.


Anyway, 2021 is a lot for me to take. But I am grateful for everything that comes and goes. I hope I will have the chance to embrace myself better in 2022 and achieve more. 

May Allah ease everything for us.

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  1. I can totally relate. We're not perfect. No one is. Ahhh I so want to comment every paragraph you wrote. It's so, relatable. Hugs* May 2022 be a better year for all of us. Thank you for being a part of my 2021 and the years before too. Looking forward to more adventures in blogging (writing) with you throughout 2022.

    1. Aamin!! Looking forward for a better version of ourselves too! Thanks Ray(-of sunshine hehehe)

  2. BV pun jenis yang susah nak keep in touch with kawan2. thankfully some of them understand me XD sekarang pun dah agak jarang update social media, just update sikit2 supaya kenalan tahu kita still alive jugak :3

    1. Hahahaha itulah! Update kadang-kadang so that they knew kawan dorang masih hidup! Lol