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By faten.banana - March 09, 2021

There is one habit I tried to change since last year. 

It started with stopping myself from reading/downloading books from illegal sites, followed by holding myself from downloading any songs since three years ago. When I realized the damage I might have incurred towards the creators, I think the least I could do is to try legally consuming them or just forget about it (unless I really need it, but is stuck with issues - commonly related to textbooks tsk). 

But when it comes to drama and movies, I just find myself could not adhere to that principle. Yet, I am determined to change that last year. Same rules - consume it legally or just don't. The biggest hurdle for me would be the idea of having to spend extra on more streaming platforms. 

What if I told you, that is not always the case? 

In this post, I am going to share 3 websites/application that can be used especially for Malaysian to gain access to drama/movies/contents legally? + Series recommendation you can check while you are at it lol.

#1 Viu

Viu is the first streaming platform I tried. I do not start with Netflix because I am more into Korean drama and their variety shows. For someone who keeps tracks of shows such as 2 Days 1 Night, Omniscient Interference View (The Manager) and Return of Superman - I found this platform is very fulfilling. 

I did use Viu before (like years ago) and I remembered how dissatisfied I am with the collections. However, my experience using it since last year - the collection is just good that I prefer lepak at Viu rather than Netflix most of the times lol.

  • You can either use it as a premium user or not.
  • It can be used for 5 devices, and the history/watchlist would only remain in that device - not shared. As for me, I shared a premium account with my friend. So, RM48/2 = RM24 for 6 months lol. (Please sign up with an email address instead if you choose to share to avoid complicates matters lol #BeenThere)
  • Latest drama and weekly updates for variety shows. They have expanding contents not only from Korea and Japan, but also from SEA countries and they are pretty good.
  • Available on web and mobile (application).
Series Recommendation:
  1. The Bridge (Season 1 & Season 2) - If you are into crime, this Malaysia-Singapore-Indonesia series is da bomb, I am mindblown with this one.
  2. True Beauty - I am so grateful for this!
  3. Penthouse - This is pretty popular right now, might as well catch the train!

#2 iQiyi

I use iQiyi to follow Chinese/Taiwanese drama actually hehe. But most of its contents now are Korean drama. They are pretty good in the sense of how they seem to secure on-going airing drama faster compared to Viu lol. For instance, we have She Would Never Know (Senior, Don't Put On That Lipstick), How To Be Thirty and L.U.C.A. Prior to this, we have 18 Again and Live On.

  • Even without VIP, the app is comfortable to be used (no repetitive ads popping lol).
  • Available on web and mobile (application) - I have to address how smooth the navigation on the app lol.
  • I did try the VIP once, and the experience makes me crave for it lol. Definitely better display (VIP offers up to 1080p while non-VIP until 720p) and definitely better sound system.
  • Advance viewing for VIP users, lol kalau bukan, tunggu jelah wkwkwkw. For me, personally, I do not have trouble with this since I have a lot of on-going drama lol.
Series Recommendation:
  1. She Would Never Know - Rowoon for life lol!
  2. 18 Again - GEM! Everyone should watch this and let us cry together.
  3. Youth With You Season 3 - This is a reality show for China's budding artists looking forward to debut similar to PD101. BLACKPINK's Lisa, anyone?

#3 WeTV

Similar to iQiyi, I use this to catch up with Chinese/Taiwanese drama. They do have quite a selection when it comes to those two dramas compared to Korean drama. WeTV is quite nice as they brought in a number of series that would only available on their platform.

  • I am using this platform as non-VIP too, and it is comfortable to be used without purchasing the VIP pass lol.
  • Available on the web and mobile (application) too!
  • Wider range for Chinese/Taiwanese dramas compared to the other two!

Series Recommendations:
  1. Le Coup de Foudre - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THIS! I cried a bucket because of this drama and it is a drama I always watch over and over again. It is based on the writer's true story.
  2. Unrequited Love (2021) - I am a huge lover of Unrequited Love (2019) so I am waiting for the remake lol. 2019 captures the feeling of unrequited love better, but the 2021 version closed the loop in a good way too :')
  3. My Lecturer My Husband - lol Reza Rahadian XD
  4. Put Your Head On My Shoulder - SUPER CUTE AND IDK JUST CUTE!

I only used VIU as a premium user, the other two I decided I can handle them without subscribing to VIP pass lol. I use VIU mainly for watching variety shows, while iQiyi and WeTV for dramas unless VIU brings certain on-going drama like Mr Queen and True Beauty last month XD

Have you tried any of these platforms?

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  1. I'm watching iqiyi right now for Lisa LOL but overall I still feel that Netflix is better (anime, Asian drama and Western drama). Inrelated but I wish we can watch Hulu Japan outside Japan. T_T

    1. I am not ready to watch Youth With You lol scared I will be super attached to it lol