058: of two contrasting perspectives

By faten.banana - June 27, 2018

Few months ago, I posted a status on WhatsApp expressing my frustration over the fact of how people nowadays were shaped by the ideologies/norms fixed by society rather than proudly wearing their own ‘clothes’ (mind the incohesive metaphors I tried putting there by the way). 

But you got the gist, right?

It is something that I have been feeling for quite some time, and I guess I just need somewhere to express that. I was shocked, at first, when I received multiple replies regarding that issue. But, there are two persons whom one person I do not normally engage with – we just work together for a programme while another one is a close friend of mine. 

The discussions were crazy. Sometimes, I still do think about it. I was presented with two points of views; Usuluddin and Human Sciences. Different metaphors; from moral codes to ‘air bungkus ikat tepi uia’. I do not particularly accept both ideas but they make good points, there is no way of separating both religion and life (specifically between norm and human nature) – “Even though we choose to follow the flow around us, we also have given all much of our considerations before we follow them” (2018, K.).

Jadi, aku ambil keputusan untuk tak meletakkan kesalahan pada orang-orang yang terpaksa mengikut arus because it may seem like I did. 

Bak kata kawan aku yang lagi sorang “norms are shaped by the society, and those who do not follow the norms would usually be left out.” Hence, it might be the core reason while people chose to abandon their ‘clothes’ and wear what the society has provided for them instead. If they chose to follow the norms heck even if they chose to not to, bear in mind; they must have already considered both pros and cons of it. 

When it comes to the attitudes of the so-called major society, it goes back to attitude. I do not want to irritate myself by going through that topics, you know how devastating Malaysian could be. Maybe next time.

Oh ya, Selamat Hari Raya! May Allah bless us for this holy month :D

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