057: How about, recently?

By faten.banana - April 27, 2018

I got this for myself as a birthday present on early March, but I sadly left it at home?


I am probably in the busiest quarter I would get before hitting the final in another three weeks. Time flies, per usual. I cannot recall how many times I really wished weekends to arrive faster… when it just Monday? Lol. Bukan semua orang macam ni ke?
Ok…maybe only me.

Prereg Subject

I think – pre-registration week would be the most cursed week among IIUM students, no joke. Some even cried, and per usual there would be a lot lot LOT of ranting go over the social media. This semester was a bit devastating for me as I had to go manual for few subjects yet only able to reach the minimum credit hours. I reserved any complaints because apparently, I have got more time to spare for ‘entertainments’.

For next semester (Second Year, Second Semester wuhuuu!) I have to get my arms ready. 21 credit hours, I am gonna go through you, bruv.

Me and questions.

I love asking questions… in my head. I do not know if others do have problem like me, but I found it difficult to blurt out questions whenever I am in class. Especially, if I find myself uneasy within that bound.

It’s happened you know. The idea of not being able to feed your curiosity is just… overwhelming. Hence, the reason why I turned green eyes whenever I met people who could bravely, courageously speak up – no matter how ridiculous their opinion and question is.

Recently, I found something interesting. Some people just have a really mind-blowing curiosity which is suppressed underneath their inability to properly address their thoughts or questions. It is bad because people would address your flaws rather than your point, in most cases. However, it is not that bad too because a certain portion of people might notice your ‘uniqueness’ in thought. It just crazy you know.

Therefore, to counter my fear – I decided to put a small tiny little goal. I promised myself that I would speak at least once in one of my Shakespeare classes, a class that I am afraid the most because of the audacity for me to blurt out a point in that class is just terrifyingly scary. Even though I do enjoy the discussion most of the times.

What happened when I did not read?

I could list a bunch if I do really think about the consequences of not entertaining my usual habits. I love reading but lately:

Sleep > Read

I just have that constant need of 5 minutes naps which you know how it actually ends too. Hours, sometimes. I can even sleep while sitting for lectures (juniors, don’t follow me because it’s rude) – to add more, even as I sat on the front row lol. You just have no idea how guilty I am after that but again, it is not something that I can control at that time.

I am just too tired of being tired?

Farewell, Jemari Seni.

If you were an avid fan of any novel under Jemari Seni – this news probably had reached you guys. Of course, I was saddened by this news that happened to arrive when there is only a few days more for Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018. You see, ‘Rooftop Rant’ and ‘Lazuardi’ bring me to them. I even have this dream of wanting to work with them once I finished my degree.

You guys did great, and I sincerely thank Jemari Seni for bringing me authors which I come to find similarities such as HLOVATE and Syud. Not to mention how they did actually get me through all those hard times I have. Taktahulah berapa kali dah aku flip Rooftop Rant setiap kali aku rasa belajar ni susah sobs.

Thank you and may Allah ease everything!

(p/s: I would try to update more?)

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