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By faten.banana - March 10, 2018


The other day, I was doing my revision at the hallway in my department - my favorite spot at the moment besides library - as a friend of mine approached me. I was reading one of the materials in my Shakespeare's class and she came asking,

"Do you think Shakespeare is still relevant to today's world? I mean, its been ages kot and I cannot brain why do we have to learn about that?"

I was flustered, no joke, but to tell you the truth - I kinda expecting that kind of question. It is actually something that has been around for quite sometimes among my colleague - the 'Why's. Why do we have to study Shakespeare? Why do we have to study Beowulf? Why do we have to study Renaissance, Age of Reason, The European Enlightenment? Why do we have to study about Fiqh and Law and basically everything when we actually doing English? 

We just seem to cannot let go the 'Why' questions. It's like we need the answer in order to rationalize the things that on our plate presently. We are probably at the age that we even question our own existence in this world because sometimes I do. But we know the answer right? Heh. We are vicegerent, the Khalifah of this world, sent down in order to live a life worshiping Allah by doing Ibadah (which does not only restricted to the five principles of Islam). 

Back to my friend. I told her the relationship between literature during that time does not only restrained to be a part of entertainment (with moral values sometimes) as it does nowadays. Literature has always been a powerful tool for the writers to criticise the society. Hence the reason why do we need to understand the context/social environment in that time to understand the stories written by them. 

This is not Qur'an by the way, it is a historical text of Malaya - I forgot which Hikayat this is sobs
Well, my friend seems to accept my general answer (because I do not specifically emphasize about Shakespeare). Usually, she would argue but heh she probably rushing to class lol.

You see, there is always a thing about asking questions. Sometimes, it makes you scared but you really want to seek other opinion. Most probably because when we make our own opinions it would usually being biased-ly (or sometimes clouded with) with our very own emotions. For example, if I hate Literature, maybe I would say that learning about all these literary figures who are already dead hundred years ago is useless.

Not to say that I like Literature but uhm you do the math. Lol.

There's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. 
There is nothing wrong with being wrong either.

It's really been awhile since I last updated and visited all my blogger friends. Somehow, I feel sorry about that. I promised I would try to update on the regular basis because blogging is a part of my life too. 

What is your opinion about how novels/films/plays or even songs being presented nowadays? 

Until the next time, adios!

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  1. jemput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini


  2. There's a lot of people asking 'Why do we have to study this or that' on the subject we studying hahah. Especially the hardest one.

  3. its okay dear you just do your best and strive for the best :D

  4. @Nadratul Syazwana I guess what we have to do is feeeeeeeeeed the curiousity hihihihihihi

    @MisDiarios Thank youuuuuuu <3

  5. My brain is dead tired but I hope you're doing well, Fatin!

    I'd left a much better comment after I got my new house an internet connection.


  6. hye, ain here come&follow your blog!
    nice to meet you :)

  7. I love asking questions but yea I do get flustered when I'm the one being asked as I want to give the best-intelligent answer as I could give and it's not an easy thing to do.
    Anyway, you did great at answering your friend's question :)

  8. @Nurul Rasya : Hahahahahhahaha that's okay, I'm doing fine I guess, on God wills :D

    @Farahain ZFA : Nice to meet you too!

    @Lya Amie : Hehehehehehe, of course we do because sometimes we do not want to let people 'misunderstood' our explanation isn't? Heeee, thanks!