[Review] The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder

By faten.banana - November 07, 2016

Published: June 2016
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 288
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult

In this ode to all the things we gain and lose and gain again, seventeen-year-old Penelope Marx curates her own mini-museum to deal with all the heartbreaks of love, friendship, and growing up.

Welcome to the Museum of Heartbreak.

Well, actually, to Penelope Marx’s personal museum. The one she creates after coming face to face with the devastating, lonely-making butt-kicking phenomenon known as heartbreak.

Heartbreak comes in all forms: There’s Keats, the charmingly handsome new guy who couldn’t be more perfect for her. There’s possibly the worst person in the world, Cherisse, whose mission in life is to make Penelope miserable. There’s Penelope’s increasingly distant best friend Audrey. And then there’s Penelope’s other best friend, the equal-parts-infuriating-and-yet-somehow-amazing Eph, who has been all kinds of confusing lately.

But sometimes the biggest heartbreak of all is learning to let go of that wondrous time before you ever knew things could be broken. 



To be honest, it was quite amusing how the chapters are organized through a series of museum labelling/tagging done by the main character, Penelope Marx. Written, obviously based on Penelope’s point of view where the readers are brought to discover her museum of heartbreak. There is novel from Keats. There also a sweatshirt which on permanent loan from Eph which later dia mintak balik.

Sassy macam biasa.

Penelope shows us that heartbreak could happen in many ways. She suffers heartbreak in relationships with her two bestfriends, Eph and Audrey, her crush that soon should be only throw to cliff and more. However,  the crumpling feelings remained same. She suffered heartbroken in different degrees caused by the loose relationship. I would say, this book wasn’t only the normal contemporary books, its also depicts the coming of age for Penelope where she grows stronger despite all the heartbreaks. She might dwell a little, but thats it.

Penelope is basically me. Lol. I could understand how sometimes we want to believe that our decision is right regardless what others might say, that it is okay to believe with ours intuitution, that we could actually change people. But we’re not.

We can’t, sometimes.
There is ‘thing’ that beyond our control.

Favourite Quote:
“Things change, Penelope; people change. Sometimes you get hurt. And sometimes you’re the one doing the hurting.”


The synopsis had already adressed few of the conflicts in this novel honestly. But, read the novel for more. I highly suggest this novel for those who fancies contemporary genre pieces. And for those who wasn’t, then it might be a good try to familiarise with this sort of genre. Lol.

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