035: things that happened

By faten.banana - November 18, 2016


#1 I am officially a graduate of foundation studies :') I know, I know. It is only my first tiny small step towards something much bigger and challenging but I am allowed to celebrate right? *throws confetti* There is a lot of things I need to know, need to do, heck the grammar also need a major work before I can properly announced myself as a language graduate. 

I am happy, though.
Besides, of having no job right now other than helping my Ibu at home. (Like seriously, adik aku ni pakai baju tukar lima minit sekali ke apa?!)
#2 Wattpad. It's not like I am new to Wattpad or what. I used to read the English ones (Noelle's for example did an amazing job in her pieces) but I decided to stop because sometimes, the story is just toooooo much for me. Beberapa hari ni, I keep on curi masa untuk baca apa-apa (selalunya penulis bahasa melayu) to be inspired after such a long time the application takdisentuh. I badly in need of inspiration and revision for my writings. The do's and the don'ts from the perspective of a reader. 

#3 The Princess Bride is something that I watched out of curiosity. I am looking for sources that I can use as a reference for a story I am working on. It is a homework if you ask me lol. I find its hard to picture what goes on the plate each day for a royal, crown prince specifically. The Princess Bride, however, is amusing for me (though it. The awkward acting, the cheesy lines yet hilarious are something that totally out of my league but I like it anyway. 

It was produced in 1987 ;-; yep, it is long time ago. But, the most important things, I enjoy the ride :') I had develop a weird taste when it comes to movies and dramas. There are a lot of things which I found particularly good when others didn't say so. But what matters is me, I am the one who judging lol. Recently, I 'somehow' have this desire to watch 'old' movies (or classic? Idk)

#4 The Great Gatsby.  I was going to buy the book at first. Yet, I then decided (more like pujuk myself) to watch the movie instead because I (desperately) want to buy another book lol. I'm broke okay (tapi nakbeli buku lagi) Back to the movie, I wasn't a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, though Titanic is crazy famous. I don't know, I just don't. Yet I do acknowledge that he IS a good actor. I just can't resist his charm in this movie though. His gestures, his actions, his lines - everything is almost perfect. Everything is soooooo gentleman, Jay Gatsby. I kinda getting carried away by this movie, the emotions and feelings came rushing like a tsunami. 

I should read the book, later obviously.

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