030: of variables

By faten.banana - September 17, 2016


Input would produce output. Those output however would always be affected by variables. Be it, the circumstances, pressure, situation, might be the people itself. As a result, no matter how cliche its going to sound right now - it would affect us. 

To me, I had always be that person who feels comfortable in my own comfort zone. I had my line drawn to certain degree where its speak as the farthest I could go out of it. If situation does not require me to do so, I refuse to be out of my zone, even the latter one. And this past few days, the zone had been breached. By variables beyond my expectations T_______T which mean war.

Freaking war, yang sebolehnya aku tersangatlah malas nakterlibat. Simply, because I (admit) am lazy. I feels weird, let just do not talk about how many time I used to say that we need to be out of comfort zone to experience much bigger-exciting-ly adventures in the world. I'm spoiled brat.


Tiba-tiba teringat, an anime where the main character just love being the 'grey' in the black-white world ;'D My feelings. But, I would do it anyway because my comfort zone's line tu stretchable. Dan flexible. Barangkali. Hahaha. Messed-up sungguh.

Sorry, I need to console my heart by writing ._. 

"Kalau tak sampai bila-bila takde pengalaman." - Kak Farihah


My current favourites:

Songs (jam!)
  1.  방탄소년단 (BTS) WINGS Short Film #7 AWAKE
  2. BTS Jungkook - If You (King of Mask Singer)
  3. BOYS24 [Unit Red] - Starlight
*sebab sekarang tengah mood kpop lol*

  1. Moon Lover - Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  2. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 
  3. Till I Met You (James Rheid x Nadine Lustre) ; its phillipines drama (100++ eps)
*click the link to the download page I usually use :D


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