028: rants #2

By faten.banana - August 14, 2016

Missing the building, Ipoh and Benz.


Untuk dapatkan sesuatu memang perlukan usaha kan? Rhetorical question. To be honest, I've been quite lazy for the past few weeks. You know, being lazy? Like super lazy, I don't study and spent almost all of my time watching drama and sleep. Like heck, I sleep a loooooooooot.  Lol, not something to be proud of. 

But somehow I kinda figured out that we define certain habits differently. For me, being lazy is when you do not prioritize things that you need to. Aku merungut je depan roomates aku - "Weih, aku malas ah." and their reaction would be like ....................... "Ah kau, menipu je."

Me creys TT___________TT

Despite all those things, I decided to change. Because being lazy is hard. You missed a lot of important things since you're so occupied with activities that does not actually bring any good to yourself. At some point, it did brings something like as a stress reliever lol. It is easier to fall asleep in class since I cannot brain the topic taught in class - if not, the blur-iness. Lepastu, aku start ah jadi grumpy. Muka lansung takmau senyum dan stress. Gila tak stres, duduk dalam kelas tapi satu benda takmelekat. Hari Khamis (full class from 9 in the morning to 6 pm) lagi teruk T_T

I spent my weekends (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) by doing revision and prepared notes for class. Jadi, masa weekdays takdelah berat sangat sebab malam Isnin dan Rabu memang khas untuk silat (until midnight usually), kalau tengok jadual aku the next day (Selasa dan Khamis) tu memang kelas berat ah. Balik kelas silat penat, jarang dah nakbukak buku untuk belajar. Entah macam mana our previous YDP (president) who is Architecture (AED) student boleh maintain je buat gua setiap semester dalam senarai dekan. The irony, that's the thing about participating in clubs, your time-management memang kena pro. 

My business notes by using Papers from MUJI and Sharpie subsidi Jenab lol

Lepastu, time for myself - either one from those three days. Keluar yang pastinya dari mahallah, depan universiti aku pun takpe dah. Sobs, need to look for other buildings aside from the one here. Takpun pergi safe haven (read: bookstore) 

Dan bercakap pasal kedai buku - aku frust gila selepas going up to the third level of The Garden Mall, Midvalley only to find out that my Borders Bookstore has been replaced with korean restaurant. Yes, a restaurant. Luluh hati saya, sobs. Now, I need to go to Times Square if I want to visit Borders Bookstore which I don't favor. 

Aku taksuka monorel.

Until the next time, adios!

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  1. Good luck !hlovate ! kira ok lagi la awk ..still ad notes..instead me..haha

    1. Good luck to you too! Lol since everyone has choice to make aite? ;)


  3. you arent lazy. im much more lazy banana than youu T_T