023: Tautan Hati

By faten.banana - June 24, 2016

Assalammualaikum ._.

There's time in life when I start to ponder more about myself. I learnt a lot in this week, more upcoming Inn Shaa Allah but there are two things keep bounce and back around my head. 

'Ilm (Knowledge) and Barakah.

I happened to have a small conversation with a best friend of mine while killing (more like chilling actually lulz) time at the library, yesterday. I told her about how small (literally) I feel like in one of the religious classes I have to take this semester because everyone likes ... have more knowledge of Islam and me like ... still merangkak. Dan, bukan itu saja yang buat rasa macam tu. 

Tapi boleh dikonklusikan; inferiority, that how it seems to me as me. 

Guess what did my friend said?

"Kalau semua orang betul, buat apa belajar?"

Burn. Enough to wake me up from that state lulz. This point ahead, I start to talk more to myself, saying "It's okay to feel like this, this is process of seeking knowledge. It's fine, or atleast it is going to be fine." Cari ah ilmu, takrugi pun. 

Another one is barakah. Sobs shame on me, I do understand what is barakah (Apparently, an imagination of mine *creys*) Yesterday, Alhamdulillah the light has shed on me. She jumped from a topic on Al-Quran and how we can acquire Hidayah (guidance) towards our final destination to Barakah.

"What is Barakah?" - Ustazah Siti Hawa, Selected Themes of Al-Quran.

"Blessing. Berkat." 

Blessing could not actually explains the word barakah correctly, the same goes to the word Islam as I previously learned in first semester. It's hard to give full explanation to certain (?) arabic words because of its beautiful and deep meanings hiks. So, my Ustazah said one of the meaning from the word Barakah is increasing (ziyadah). For example, you learn something and then from that little things you learnt it could actually benefits more people or continously benefits people. Ada barakah, like how we Malays always said. Lulz.

Read more about barakah: here and here!

Amboi, Tautan Hati! Lulz, during Business Class, the lecturer mentions about Congregational Prayers (Solat Jemaah) ; macam mana dengan merapatkan saf seolah-olah hati kita bertaut! 


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