003: its November!

By faten.banana - November 03, 2015

Assalammualaikum ;-;

Bila masuk November, bermaksud kelas dahbermula secara rasmi untuk pelajar sastera dan ya pelajar dari kos lain yang sambung Semester Pendek ;-; Lulz, it's looks so weird up there but yeah. Care, not.

First impression? Idk, it nerve wrecking when you have to deal with Public Speaking, Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Thinking Skill in 1 and half month instead of four. It didn't sounds good for me. A pile workload, is a promise, apparently.

Midterm exam is coming another three weeks. 

IRK sounds so coooool and fun, and heck full of reading historical chapters, memorising the quranic verse. Bila lagi kan? 

And I am nervous with Public Speaking because uhuks poor speaking skills in mine. I do understand that this is still a part of learning process but when your lecturers kindly said, "I won't give leeway to BENL students." *cough* *cough* 

It can't be help it.

I just have to do better and as practise what always been said by my previous RKA's lecturer "You need to try very hard." and "You need to give justice to yourself." People could push you hard sometimes - and it feels like you're gonna break into pieces, ashes maybe because we, ourself tends to think that kind of act is actually a tortures to your independent souls yada yada, but then again, these people are the one who sort of tryying to install a new programme in you. 

And un-install the useless one.

I used to be really afraid when I have to talk infront lulz I can't said I ain't longer like that XD I still do, tapi takde macam dulu, Den pernah kena tegur dengan lecturer sebab bila present fokus mata hanya pada kelompok perempuan, lulz, it's funny. Man, I miss that guy a lot.

Haih, Fatin mohon tabah hadapi cabaran nakgali ilmu. Takdelah orang kata, kos yang kau amik ni kos lekeh disebabkan pelajarnya sendiri lah.
"Well, looks like you guys gonna have hard time with me." 
Hello, November! May Allah ease everything :)
Allah, yuftah alaikum.

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