By faten.banana - October 10, 2015

Assalammualaikum ._.

I don't even know if I do have to type the magic word - been a long time. Yeah, sure it does.

I have completed my first semester in foundation studies. In the midst of still not believing that I did actually choose this path instead of the mainstream one uhuks. Surely, being a BENL's student doesn't sound as grand as title held by science stream-ers (?) or other arts programmes. It's depend on how you mentally viewing all this situations.

The process of adapting my ownself from things I had previously ate, drank, live with aren't easy to be honest. I used to literally drunk from reading and memorise all the facts during my upper form. Lulz. Now, the focus are on skills because skills aren't built in a day.

"Aku still taktahu kenapa aku pilih BEN instead of science stream's. Tapi, apa yang aku nampak bila jadi student BEN - dunia ni lagi luas peluangnya, bukan hanya fokus pada sains je" - E.

I still get nervous whenever I am jaded in situation which required me to speak in English, even among BENLs. It just doesn't came out fluently as it supposed to be. Funny thing is I did came into that extent where I refuse to call my ownself a BENLs because of those flaws that I had. Lulz.However, I am having fun.

"Cari kelebihan kamu. Bila kamu jumpa kelebihan kamu, kamu semua takperlu spent banyak effort pun untuk score." - Sir Tazrin.
Approved. Ha ha ha.
I am more relax compared to before.
I still can sleep, talk, read novels and write.

Feel free to know more about my course here!
or you can always contact me :)

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