053: Love Playlist, Seventeen & Yellow


     Love Playlist, Seventeen and Yellow? What are these things have in common? There are web dramas produced by Playlist (a mobile drama broadcasting station) in Korea. However, they come with multiple subtitles, not only English.  

    I started following this web drama which is updated twice a week on their official Youtube Channel, Thursday and Saturday, since their first release - Love Playlist Season 1. Playlist also constantly updated the episodes in their official Facebook too. So, no worries if you do not have enough data to watch Youtube - you can watch it on Facebook. Maxis does that you know :'))

      They have just finished broadcasting Love Playlist Season 2 a month ago and Yellow just start premiering last Thursday. I have been dying for their content since the break. They always take a break, a month usually, before starting the new series. 

      I love the cringy-ness that sometimes creep in because of the storyline. Of course, the acting could be awkward at times - possibly because they are first timer? I don't know - most of them are models - but few of them are pretty good too! Besides, I value their story and plot. Even though it could be cliche like Love Playlist but the fact that they centralized the idea of different point of views in each episode, I am in love. For example, this one episode might be viewed from the girl perspective, the next episode - it would be the guy. Something like that. Love Playlist S1, Love Playlist S2 and Seventeen - have followed the same criteria. 

     One top of that, one of the major things that I like about Playlist Global is that - their web drama usually comes in 10 minutes period with a good conclusion/quote at the end of each episode. 

Which. Literally. Makes. Me. Dying. Secretly. Every. Single. Time. 

And I thought - why not sharing this with my fellow readers? 

Love Playlist

You may make any mistakes because you’re young.
Story evoking your sympathy but couldn’t be told.
100% Realistic sweet romance drama.

My first love. Hahahahahahaha. I honestly, really love the main theme of this drama which centered around friendship - specifically, the friendship between boy x girl - is it possible to have feeling-free friendship without unnecessary emotions and how they actually deal it in their daily life. 

I remembered how I feel during that time - almost smashed my laptop screen.

Season 2, however, is different because its actually focused more on the 'in-relationship' situation. The struggles, the jealousy, the fight, the reconciliation, the flirting - ops hahahahahahaha. I do have my favorite, excuse you the guy who came running with different shoes - Kang Yoon. 

Visit here:


When we were 17 years old,
We were all not good at having relationships.
Now we cannot go back to those days.
Our love at that time was pure and innocent!
<Seventeen>, the teenager’s love drama
that will make you feel throbbing.
I have mixed feelings when it comes to this series. I like it, but the story could be confusing at time because of constant re-telling of the story when they were in school. Well, of course, they did. A friend of mine really likes this series as she can relate to the feeling each character are struggling to face off. 

But I guess, I am still attached to Love Playlist at that moment hahahahahahahaha. I like Ji Eunwoo however he is a mess because she messed with Kim Se :')) 

Visit here:
Seventeen (Youtube)


Everybody says to live a hot and hip life
though, only youths are said from early times to love hotly! 
This is the latest series from Playlist Global and for now, the OSTs are insane! I guess, considering it is music-related drama, obviously they need to have a good sense of music too. As far as I had noticed, this drama probably is written based on songs - Coldplay's Yellow for instance. The thing is, the guy who played as Ji Eunwoo in Seventeen is the main character in this series - however even though there is great resemblance from the character in Seventeen in this one, he goes by the name Nam Ji Hoon in this one. A confusion which I want to dig more.

Later. Hahahahahahahahhaha. I am looking forward to this series :'))

Visit here:
Yellow Season 1 (Youtube)


I guess, that's all I want to say at 3.14AM in Malaysia hahahahahahaha. If you do watch it, share your opinion with me!

Kholas, adiosa!

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  1. I have a feeling that I might love Seventeen.. Should give it a try.. :3

  2. I've been really into web drama lately and I also have watched SEVENTEEN, I am agree with you, but it is still great! btw, thankyou for your recommendation^^

  3. wahhh I should watch this >.<

  4. I don't really remember but I think I have watched Love Playlist Season 1. Haven't watched the other dramas that you mentioned here but I did listen to some of their OSTs :)

  5. @Flavnez Hahahahahahahah well you should! I have been influencing everyone now XD

    @Jijaahmad Hiks, no big deal! :DDD

    @Anis Nabilah Go watch it and make a review! :D

    @Farah Wuuuuuuu, the OSTs is goooooood :D

  6. will check these stories soon after final T_T

    btw jom jwnguk blog saya jugak ! http://itsthesuraya.blogspot.com

  7. Tbh, Siqah tak pernah tahu kewujudan web drama begini. Menarik nak tengok sebab 10 mins each ep dan ada quote di akhir episod. Ohh I love quotes!

  8. YELLOW is awesome!