046b: Zaful, sincerely

By faten.banana - July 05, 2017

Guess who in the cloud nine at the moment?

I placed the order on Monday (26 June – yes in amidst of drowning myself in Kuih Raya craziness guys), the payment being made on Wednesday (28 June) and I received the parcel today which is (4 July). 9 days in total. I do not expect the parcel would come anytime soon since I thought international shipping are going to take at least 2 week?

Apparently its not. And free international shipping until it is sent in front of your doorstep promised by Zaful, its true.

*click the picture to get redirected to the website*

Color Block Denim Spliced Dress
The material is surprisingly, nice. The first two upper block of the dress is made from polyester and the bottom block well, its denim – the light one. It has two pockets so I can rest my hand inside in order to look swag (read: suweeeeg).

It fits me perfectly, yet maybe I should have ordered 2XL instead because I prefer wearing something big (to ace the hip hop looks lol kidding). But I’m fine – I’m not gonna give up on you to my sister, dear new dress

I swear she would be cheering to have mine :’)

PU Leather Baby Breath Moon Quartz Watch
look at that crescent :D
You know I don’t wear watch yet this black watch strap is so comfortable. I really like the leather strap! And the rim (?) and all that glitters inside. The watch is wrapped with bubble wrap and was placed into a an envelope which also had bubble wrap inside. #HiglySecured.

Did I tell you how the face could act as an effective mirror :DD

So overall, I am satisfied. The items are in a good condition suitable with its price. The process is convenient and they actually respond to our email quite fast (working hour).

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  1. I'm a sucker for simple yet elegant wrist watch and those glitters are just so on point. How great to get those stuff in just 9 days.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. I am suprised too, lol but it does feels good :D

  2. The glittering watch has that eye-catcher, looks elegant with a stunning black.