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By faten.banana - July 18, 2016


I have an hour class at 7 in the morning just now. Now, I'm wide awake. I want to start reading on Anthropology for my next class in Tuesday, but heck let me chill for a while (more like always tho). I've been neglecting my blog for some time now. Not that nothing spectacular did not happened. More like nothing amused me. Lulz

Considering I wasn't a big fan for any active club or society (peace!) because I am so lazeeeeeeeh that I had rather spent my time in my room. Either watching dramas, study or sleeping. Mostly? Guess it. However, I managed to sign myself in Silat Cekak when I was in semester 1. Ups and downs, now I barely surviving Kelas Potong but suprisingly, I enjoy it. Minus the pain, obviously. It acts as stress reliever, lagi-lagi kalau tumbuk dengan sepenuh tenaga tahap terbayang muka manusia yang kau taksuka.

Nah, just kidding >.<

I hardly hate people anyways.

The point is, go out from your comfort zone. Try something new. Experience new things. Be persistence on it, because sometimes you will just find things to be extremely hard that you want to quit and be at ease. Seriously, you would. It's our nature to be free from any hardship. That's why you need to be persistence.

Simply, to attain rewards, there must be effort.

(tetiba semangat)

lulz, with that spirit, I went to Annual Grand Meeting for a society I'm in (not Silat tho) but it did not work out well. I get bored almost instantly and decided to walk out from the venue. Uhuks, me cannot this one since it's too noisy and go out of hand.

I'm swag.


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  1. you are so true. i agreed with this line "you have to move out from your comfort zone"

  2. @Nurul Aini hahahahaha glad that we can relate tho XD

  3. I love to try something new and more challenging =D
    Anyways, Proud of you. You are so brave I can see it!

  4. @Eeiou _ lulz, the first step is always hard tho, lagi-lagi manusia macam den yg overthinking gila XD

    everything depends on our own isnt? hiks