I prefer to be called as Fatin (read: Fateen) anything other than that, (mostly) would not be entertained. A 23 years old girl swimming in a sea of people. Barely living but surviving, her fourth-year undergraduate studies in bachelor degree somewhere located in Malaysia. Despite doing a major in English Language and Literature, I would rate my English as mediocre.

Ambivert yet inclined to introverted side. I enjoy solitude with loud music banging through the earphone. I read whenever I feel like reading something (almost every time). I get move over a simple gesture - things like; 'Thank you'. I would describe myself as the type that would definitely order the same menu at the restaurant unless I feel like not to.

I love the soulful sound made by the ocean waves crashing the seashore. I adore the bright sky as much as I love writing. I even write short stories, drabble/s once in a while to let out my running emotion. Note that I am not a good writer. I made posters, again, sometimes. I love any hues of blue. I listened to KPop, I watched Korean Drama and Japanese movies because I have the urge to cry myself out by means of watching them. I watch a lot of Asian dramas hence the reason why I can be found writing reviews upon completing any series.

Naturally, I'm a person full of a curiosity which might promote me as a sceptical. I'm not.

Uhm, well, might be?

I love feeding on new information. I love intellectual discussions. I love to engage with people but most of the time, it depends on the mood. The mood that resides inside me is badass turmoil ocean waves, the kind you do not want to surf at. 

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